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Live: Mark Ronson – Academy 1

4 stars

Last Saturday I witnessed the business that is Mark Ronson and The Business International. Ronson’s latest album Record Collection swept in to claim the no. 2 spot in the album chart last week, beating the likes of Eric Clapton, Phil Collins and Katy Perry.

The night’s performance was a non-stop joy-ride through Ronson’s extraordinary back-catalogue, kicked in to gear with set opener ‘Circuit Breaker’. Female vocals on the new album are sung Rose Elinor Dougall, formerly of The Pipettes, and her sultry tones perfectly complement co-writer Alex Greenwald’s voice. Their performance of ‘You Gave Me Nothing’ proved this as they bopped about the then immensely sweaty stage, looking and sounding like the King and Queen of Cool.

The reaction from the crowd was the only let down throughout the performance, and only when Ronson shouted from under his tufts of bleached hair for the crowd to scream, did they do so. Even as MNDR took to the stage for an outrageously psychedelic and energy-infused performance of ‘Bang Bang Bang’, the crowd for the most part only swayed gently.

The highlight of the night was a performance of the album’s title track, ‘Record Collection’. Ronson’s charisma carried through this track in particular as he chanted the refrain, “I only want to be in your record collection, and I’ll do anything it takes just to get there.”

As the first few chords of the now anthemic ‘Valerie’ resonated in the Academy to conclude the evening’s entertainment, Zutons’ very own Dave McCabe joined the stage to add to the overwhelming amount of musical genius already present.

Dani Middleton

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