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Live: Mumford and Sons @ Manchester Apollo

4 Stars

Considering they are the leading band on the folk scene at the moment there was much expectation for Mumford and Sons to deliver. Fortunately, they did, and their incredibly passionate performance showed exactly why they appeal to such a large number of people.

Mumford was the obvious leader of the band, taking the lead even in terms of banter, as he claimed the band was trying to compete with other musicians that had performed humorously whilst playing at the Apollo.

Mumford and Sons also set up an inspiring atmosphere on their stage; the lighting simple but effective at the start of the set, with the four musicians spotlighted and the stage decorations simple fairy lights. Later on in the night, however, the atmosphere got more dramatic as the band experimented with their varied range of musical talent and incorporated red lighting that showed only their silhouettes walking the stage. Their “technology free” song, in Mumford’s words, as part of the encore only added to the variety and entertainment of the performance, as the whole band came to the front of the stage for a beautiful finale.

Even Mumford’s forgetfulness couldn’t take away from the quality of the gig. Forgetting the chords, and then the words, and finally giving up on one song with “Fuck it, let’s do another song!” Even if their songs sound similar, and the band could probably do more to branch out, this was a great performance from a great band.

Jennifer Jackson

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