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Live: Welcome to the Warehouse @ Warehouse Project

3. 5 Stars

The Warehouse Project opened its doors for the second week and fourth consecutive sold out event, with headliners Kelis and Calvin Harris. Bromley-born keyboard Don Starsmith warmed up the main room with synthy house remixes of recent pop favourites.

Manchester favourites Juicy DJs kept room two busy, dropping the standard classics found at their bargain night, such as Mary J Blige, Biggie and Missy Elliot. Walking around the club pre-Kelis, it was evident that everyone could not wait for the diva to arrive, as there was a genuine superstar atmosphere throughout the main room.

Kelis was an hour late by which point the crowd was restless and even Starsmith was looking knackered. Furthermore, her recent reinvention as Euro-pop diva meant that her new followers, who usually frequent the likes the Printworks and Canal St, were unaccustomed to the harmless pushing and shoving involved at the usual Warehouse raves, which lead to some growling on the dancefloor.

Finally, the backdrop glowed; the band took their place followed by the lady herself as everyone screamed accordingly. Covered in pink sequins, and every bit as gorgeous in real life, Kelis opened her set with her 3rd single, ‘Scream’. As well as a mash up of Tinie Tempah’s hit ‘Pass Out’. Another surprise gem was the original rendition of Neptunes’ produced ‘Get Along With You’ from her first album, Kaleidoscope. However, the club tempo was soon resumed as she finished her set with the come-back smash, ‘Acapella’.

Calvin Harris was the best thing about Saturday night, and should not be dismissed as merely a pop producer. 90 minutes of deep and diverse house brought the night to a close, including a funky house remix of ‘I Get All The Girls.”

Leyla Eroglu

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