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Students occupy Sam Alex AGAIN in support of UCU strikes

//Breaking: Students occupy Sam Alex AGAIN in support of UCU strikes More

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UoM make face coverings mandatory on campus

//Breaking: UoM make face coverings mandatory on campus More

Archive for February, 2012

Smack My Kid Up

Smacking is back! Or at least it’s back in the news. For those not in the know, smacking was banned in the ’90s, but the law was deemed confusing and clarified in 2005. The law currently forbids smacking so hard as to leave a bruise or redden the skin (sensible enough until you realise, as […]

Vive le Cabaret

Vive Le Cabaret’s dazzling Valentine’s Day special promised a night to remember and it certainly did not disappoint. The venue and soundtrack at The Lowry Theatre were an ideal setting for the night’s flamboyant events with red satin tables, classy decor and a medley of old jazz and swing with a contemporary edge. The night […]

A cheering thought

Has exam stress got you down? Have you returned from your immaculate, well-stocked home over Christmas to find yourself once again afflicted by empty cupboards and housemates whose idea of washing up is to leave it in the sink until you do it? Despair no longer then, because – despite first appearances – this article […]

When it comes to America, the entire world seems to suffer from an inferiority complex. What makes America better than any other nation? And why are we so convinced we need them to prosper? Perhaps it’s because America is the world’s largest economy? However, if we really take a deep look into the American economy, […]

As has been prominently reported by every single news outlet in the country, Sir Fred Goodwin is now simply Mr Fred. He was stripped of his knighthood for his role in the collapse of RBS and the £45 million he has cost the taxpayer through his epic mishandling of the bank. Whilst this move has […]

Comment & Debate Editor Ben Green explains why the term ‘U-turn’ needs to be banished forever.   It is virtually guaranteed that if you pick up any newspaper on any given day of the week, it will somewhere contain an article accusing local or national government of a ‘U-turn’. In the figurative sense it is […]

Chinese State Circus

This unique performance from The Chinese State Circus was exhilarating and undeniably gripping throughout. It showcased a traditional Chinese art form which ranged from balancing on bicycles to smashing bricks on each others’ heads. The audience seemed mesmerised by the performances and the theatre was filled with gasps innumerable times. The show reflected the Chinese […]

Gary Speed’s recent, tragic, passing at the age of 42 has pushed one of the more delicate topics into the public domain, depression. Depression is not a simple feeling of unhappiness we all inevitably feel once in a while, it is an illness. This, in itself, is a difficult thing to comprehend; a feeling of […]

Elektro Kif

Elektro Kif are a French Elektro dance troop consisting of some shockingly youthful dancers for their abilities. Their performance was choreographed elegantly considering the music they were jiving to, but most impressive was their synchronisation. They moved as if one single entity, to put it bluntly. With one of the group separating off to make […]

The Union’s ‘monster referendum’ is here and they’re casing for your votes on a great variety of matters. Many of the planned measures would undoubtedly improve the Union – the clause to allow online voting for policy motions would certainly increase the likelihood that any such motion could actually pass. Unfortunately, buried in the mass […]

Hearty congratulations must go to the University this week after they resolved to pay all of their staff in line with their own pay scales. This means that service staff will be paid at least £7.80 an hour. Given the difficult economic climate and financial difficulties hitting the higher education sector it is particularly commendable […]