Interview: Vinnie Caruana (I Am The Avalanche)

Following their headline tour in the UK last year, I Am The Avalanche are back again, this time supporting fellow New Yorkers Brand New. Once again, frontman Vinnie Caruana makes the time to answer a few questions before they hit the stage.

Q: How was being back in New York for the holidays?

It was really nice – we just kinda kept hanging out with friends and family and stuff – it was really good …you want a beer?

[I do want a beer, so we grab a couple from the cooler.]

Nah, it was really, really nice and I’m just kinda cherishing that coz I knew how busy we would be, you know?

Q: How does being back on the road so soon feel? Is it tough?

It feels good. I mean, after being back home for a month after the tour we’ve just done, I was ready to head back out.

Q: So you’ve been in the UK for a few days now – down in Brighton – what’ve you been up to?

We went to Worthing seaside, and we had the hotel just looking at the water. Sooo we went bowling – which was awesome, coz our band are really fun dudes to hang out with. We’re all terrible at bowling, but we made it good.

Err, so we had a lot of drinks, had a lot of nice food, smoked a bunch of weed on the beech at night and – you know – kinda went nuts when we were supposed to be relaxing.

Q: You played your first show of the tour last night in Bristol. How was that?

It was great! The crowd was really nice to us. I was actually surprised to see the amount of people singing along who were singing along. It was really cool.

I didn’t know if we would be playing to all new people or not, but our fans are definitely stepping up for us – and I’ve received a lot of messages on Twitter and Facebook today – I just feel like Manchester’s definitely coming out tonight, and our fans will be there. It’s exciting, man.

I mean, to play in a big room and be able to look out and see everyone sing along – it’s cool.

Q: Do you prefer being on big support tours like this one, or on smaller, more intimate ones?

Um, I know that those tours will always be there, and that’s what we’ll be doing next time, I’m sure. But I’d rather – after doing a headline tour in small places, having just our fans there – it’s important for us to make some new ones.

Also, Excerpts are friends of ours, and Brand New are friends of ours, so for us to be out here with a bunch of good dudes is nice.

Brand New’s success just blows me away. Being able to see first hand what they’ve done over here in the UK is special, coz you know – I was there at their first shows. I was there when they first started out, so…it’s nice to see.

Q: You recently made it clear [on Facebook] that you don’t intend to play any Movielife songs when you’re on stage with I Am The Avalanche. Why do you think people keep asking you to?

They generally know that that doesn’t happen, and they’re happy with that – it’s fine. But when I play solo shows I play Movielife songs sometimes. [So when] I’m playing partially solo and then the band plays I can’t blame them, but I really need people to understand that this is an I Am The Avalanche occasion.

If I come out to play by myself – which I plan to do, I plan to come to the UK – I’ll do solo shows one day, but I’m not gonna sit there and do Movielife songs while my band is sitting there on the side of the stage.

If I’m on my own, and it’s my own show, I’ll do whatever I want. But I respect my band, and I’m not gonna do that [to them].

Q: In the grand scheme of things, when might a solo tour come to the UK?

I’ll have to see what we’re doing towards the end of the year. I’d like to come over at some point this year, even if it’s not a tour and just a few shows.

Because I do have to make a new record with Avalanche, and when we’re home we need to be writing, so I don’t know if I can disappear here for another few weeks, but we’ll see.

Q: Are you planning to release a new album this year then?

No, we’ll record it over the winter and release it early next year. Yeah – we’re working hard to make up for some lost time…

Q: I hear you’re a big football fan. Did you hear about Capello?

Do they think it’s gonna be Redknapp replacing him? Well yeah, I heard about that – it’s nuts.

Erm, I support Liverpool. Oh my God, every time…I need to stop writing about football on Twitter and Facebook because people get really angry – people are disgusted that I support Liverpool. You know?

And my Liverpool supporters – the people that support Avalanche – are stoked! They’re so happy that I support them.

But…we have a huge game against Man U [coming up].

Q: Yeah, with Suarez back on…

Aha…we’ll see how he handles that… I have my own thoughts about Suarez. I think he’s kind of an asshole. Even though I’m a supporter of Liverpool, I think he’s just kind of a dick. But it’s gonna be interesting to see him on the field, man. He’s gonna get so much abuse. Him and Evra are both gonna be on the field together…I wonder if they’ll start?

On that note I wrapped up the interview and let Vinnie get back to munching from the buffet. The gig was mental. The next day, Vinnie’s question was answered – Suarez and Evra did ‘start’.

I Am The Avalanche – Brooklyn Dodgers (Official Video)

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