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Year in Review 2019: Interview with Nancy Rothwell

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Cat Langdon does Book Club

Name: Catherine Langdon
Age: 22
Occupation: Social Anthropology Student

What are you reading / have been reading these past summer months? (A brief description if you please…)

The Behaviour of Moths – Poppy Adams – Not too sure what it’s about yet, moths and a father and daughter who are lepidopterist.
Plus, Bosnia: A Short History by Noel Malcolm, which is an attempt to compress and simplify somewhat the history of Bosnia and the surrounding region in an attempt to understand the reasons for the 1992-1995 genocide and war.

Is it great, just good, or not really worth the trees?

The Moths book is mostly there just to help me fall asleep at night, whereas Bosnia is a very good factually based book that requires me to be awake and switched on!

Does it absorb/require all your attention as you’re reading it, or can you listen to music/make a cup of tea/have a conversation as you’re flipping through? In short, does it feel like work?

Again, Moths book is there because I don’t need to pay any attention to it, simply a way of avoiding counting sheep. I could read it whilst knitting a blanket and writing an essay. For Bosnia I need peace around me, and complete concentration.

In general, do you go for plot or prose?

In fiction normally plot, a way to escape my somewhat monotonous life, when it comes to non-fiction, prose.

Paper-book or e-book?

Paper when at home, e-book when on holiday – allows for more clothes to be packed!

Have you been wallowing in the freedom of all this un-reading-listed time to read exactly what and when you want, or recovering from all that straining over text of last year and resting your delicate eyes?

Resting my delicate eyes, or re-directing them towards film and shockingly poor TV shows.

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