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Soapbox Issue 02

Soapbox Issue 02

Each week we’re going to get on our soapbox and shout off about what’s been grating our nerves lately. Everyone likes a good moan or a bitch. Feel like you have something to rant about? Tweet us @mancuniondebate or email [email protected]

Calling all student activists, how about you take a look at yourselves before you preach to me and the world about the evil ‘big companies’. What’s that, you’re tweeting about how bad Coca Cola are from your iPad? Funny, that.

It’s time to head back to class. Lecturers are a cruel breed. Why do they always insist on 9am lectures? They must know that half the class won’t turn up, and the other half will be half asleep if they do manage to drag themselves out of bed. Boycott early morning lectures! There’s a protest we can all relate to.

Hipster alert. It’s a new year to show off just how cool and unique you are, outdoing the next bow tied, over sized glasses wearing rah with unkempt hair. Just as bad are the girls who haven’t outgrown those ugg boots and messy top buns yet. Hard to say what’s worse?

Manchester is full of people trying to make it big in music. Fair play to all those musicians. But anyone with a laptop can be a DJ these days, don’t think you’re something special. There’ll be no VIP passes or guest list, don’t expect to earn hundreds in a night, and definitely don’t try and use it as a pick up line.

What happened to the so called “knowledge” that taxi drivers were supposed to possess? I don’t expect to have to be your sat nav when I’m going somewhere fairly well known. I’d understand if I asked you to take me to the back end of beyond, but it’s just a club off Oxford Road.

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