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7th October 2012

Baking Society

If you don’t join this society you certainly won’t be taking the biscuit

This year sees the arrival of our first ever Baking Society. Started by two guys with insatiable appetites for all things baked, the group has received massive interest in its first few weeks.

With the fortunate addition of a female committee member, the society has big ambitions for the year ahead. We held our first meeting on 4th October, with over 50 people in attendance. It was a great success and gave people the chance to meet new people and indulge in all sorts of cakes and biscuits – even a sophisticated slice of black forest gateaux.

In the future, the society is planning themed weekly meets where everyone brings something they’ve made at home and shares it round. It’s a great way to showcase your skills, and hopefully pick up some tips and new recipes from others in the group. The committee is keen to get new people into baking, by holding demonstrations and proving to students that baking your own cakes, breads and pies needn’t be expensive. We’re also planning to add a competitive element by having some Bake Off style showdowns with prizes for the best creations.

Baking is a great skill to learn, and it’s so simple to get started. Shortbread, for example, is quick to make, tastes great and is really cheap. Use the BBC Food recipe online, and substitute the vanilla extract for other flavours such as orange or almond if you want something a bit different.

Many people might be put off by the initial cost of baking equipment, but to start all you need is some scales, a big bowl and a cake tin. An oven is also useful (but not essential – see fridge cake and microwave flapjacks). Any large supermarket will supply your needs, but other stores such as Wilkinson and TKMaxx often have good selections. For ingredients the committee’s preference is Aldi or Lidl.

Although the internet is an excellent resource for recipes, it’s nice to have your own chocolate-stained books. Some of our favourite authors are Edd Kimber and Dan Lepard. There is also a range of excellent magazines to choose from; Delicious Magazine is a great starter and the Asda one is brilliant quality for a freebie.

Stay updated by finding our Facebook page to keep you updated. Contact [email protected] to get in touch by email.


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