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21st November 2012

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Your top tips for freshers trying to find second year houses

Having to choose who to live with and where to live comes around quicker than you think, freshers! Here is some advice…

If you’re thinking about moving in with a boyfriend or girlfriend, think about it carefully!


Try to avoid opting for somewhere ridiculously cheap. You usually get what you pay for…


Don’t rush into making a decision and putting a deposit down. You have to live there for a year, after all.


If you have the opportunity to speak to the current or previous tenants when you are being shown around, take it! Another opinion is really helpful.


I would advise steering clear of same sex houses. Strike the balance right with a mixed house. Guys come in especially handy when you find a mouse, or even worse, a rat in your room!


Live in Fallowfield!


It might sound silly, but check how good the signal in the house is. If you get a basement flat you may have problems trying to communicate with the outside world – take it from someone who knows!


Live with people who you know will be a good laugh, but who will also be reliable, trustworthy and clean and tidy. Cracks in friendships really start to show if you don’t pick wisely. Nobody wants to be living in a house where there is an awkward atmosphere!


Compile a list of criteria you want your new place to fit and make sure you discuss budgets. Different people have different amounts of money to spend and this needs to be taken into consideration.


Be willing to compromise!


Dana Fowles

Dana Fowles

TWEETING @DanaFowles By day: Lifestyle editor at The Mancunion, aspiring women’s magazine journalist. By night: Lover of gay men and Canal St, prone to believing I am Beyonce on the d floor (embarrassing).

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