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Craving and Saving: Red Carpet accessories

Craving- Mawi Emerald gemstone earrings (Available at Harrods) £289.

When assessing the contenders of this year’s red carpet style awards, as much attention will be paid to the accessories that compliment a dress, as to the dress itself. The Mawi jewellery brand launched in 2002, and is prized for its eclectic pieces that offer a vintage edge. These earrings balance contemporariness and timelessness with the tassle design and the rose gold respectively. The emerald gemstone gives them a regal feel and makes them the perfect craving item to achieve that red carpet style.

Saving- Triumphal Blue Earrings Swarovski £99

Swarovski are a great brand for providing the ultimate dress jewellery pieces, without the hefty price tags. These chandelier earrings offer a gorgeous pop of colour with the turquoise acrylic glass, and the floral motif design is enough to bring red carpet glamour to any outfit.

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