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Christmas Party Drinks

It’s nearly time to open the first chocolate in your advent calendar! It’s not just me who still gets one, right? And that means the sometimes dauntingly boozy festive season is upon us, but what the fuss can you rustle up in terms of Christmas party drinks, both boozy and non-boozy?  Beer and wine is […]

This is another family recipe I wanted to share. Rosalie is my uncle-by-marriage’s mother, a wonderful Jewish lady whose recipes I have recreated many times over the years. Her cheesecake is the best I have ever tasted, and although I don’t have much of a sweet tooth I can’t resist it. For the base: 9-10 […]


This recipe comes from my godmother Mary, who is a phenomenal cook. Going to her house is amazing – she measures her cookbooks by the yard (and apparently they’ve all been left to me in her will!), and she’s a brilliant source of cooking tips and interesting new flavour combinations. But it’s the basics that […]

10 foodie Christmas gifts

Housemates, coursemates, teammates and not to mention family means lots of presents! Why not be savvy and do a secret Santa agreeing an amount to spend put all your names in a hat and pull out the person you buy for- they might not be your favourite person in the world but hey look at […]

Ethical Gifts

All these lists in the national papers of gifts for foodies are great, but if we’re honest who really needs a £50 apron or £250 knife? Sometimes it’s nice to think of things that are not only useful, practical gifts but also make you feel good about giving or receiving them. Sure, it’s a bit […]

Live: Eddi Reader

Her biggest hit isn’t needed to make the show complete, and I think that says worlds about her as a performer

Review: Dom Hemingway

Hard living safe cracker Dom Hemingway (Law) is set loose in London after a 12 year prison sentence. Pairing up with best friend Dickie (Grant), Dom seeks out financial reward for his loyalty to underworld boss Mr. Fontaine (Bichir).    ‘’Crazy night, last night. Dickie lost a glove and everything.’’ Jude Law spent a summer […]