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4th March 2014

Top 5: Parisian inspired hats

Hat lover Naomi Springer shows us the top 5 hats for this Spring

Whimsical yet undoubtedly practical, hats sum up the world of fashion itself, and especially Parisian chic. Is there anybody who can forget those images of Chanel herself sporting a wide brim?

Floppy. The shape is a friendly one. The way in which the hat initially curves around the face and moves outwards is akin to a good haircut. During winter, a dark colour will add sophisticated flair to an oversized coat. A straw copy in summer paired with boho dresses gives you the ultimate Woodstock nostalgia we are too young to have! Depending on the season you are shopping for, you can find these beauties in any fabric from wool to straw. It is called floppy in the stores because it is so flexible to wear.


Cloche. Long forgotten, but making their comeback. This hat reached its peak in the twenties. Have we all still got influenza from the new film version of The Great Gatsby or is this hat a real winner? Well, back then, Lanvin commissioned milliners to create cloche hats simply to match their designs. There has to be something about them, right? They are romantic hats, and after all, isn’t Paris the city of romance? Being both feminine and flirty, this is why heroines wore them in the silent flicks.

Image: ASOS

Bowler. It is a fact of life, like gravity, that if you can pull off a bowler – you must. A bowler would have protected Newton’s head far better from the apple than his hair alone anyway. Bowlers are iconic because they are totally unisex, are easy to find in stores or online and relatively cheap. Recently spotted on indie rockstars, these hats can be smart or rebellious. Looking for smart? Their ancestry within the British military makes the walk into the dreaded exam room a proud march toward triumph.

Image: ASOS

Trilby. My staple this winter is a brown trilby with a black bow around the rim. The Trilby began life via a stageplay by George de Maurier. Now we are finally reaching our destination, Paris! Trilby hats are easy to find in shops, are inexpensive and generally flattering. They are similar in shape to a trilby but have a fold at the centre, which, no matter how much you wear, reshapes. Yet another hat that both genders can wear, and match with their own wardrobes, is definitely worth looking into.

Image: American Apparel

Beret. You expected this. Did somebody order a cliché? But who could not visit Paris without packing one of these? Their ability to evolve to not only match but create a look makes them a must. You can wear them with a coat and scarf in winter if you feel the urge to channel your inner Brigitte Bardot. The multiple ways on which you can position them on your head itself make them so fun that you may as well pick one up just to unleash your inner stylist. They work with both short and long hairstyles, looking just as becoming on either sex. If you truly want “in” on Paris fashion, you knew already, the beret was the way.

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