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What really happened with the fences? University of Manchester releases inquiry findings

//Breaking: What really happened with the fences? University of Manchester releases inquiry findings More

Living Wage granted to Birmingham University staff

The University of Birmingham has granted all staff members the current Living Wage following an array of protests.

Vice principle and provost Adam Tickell announced the changes in an email to staff and on Twitter on March 5th, which will allow each staff member from 1 August 2014 the Living Wage of £7.65.

Adam Tickell announced the changes on Twitter, saying:  ”Birmingham University & Branch Executives of Unison and Unite are pleased to report that the dispute over 2013 pay settlement resolved. The university will match the current rate of the Living Wage for year from August 2014; and then current level for year from August 2015.”

He also added: ”Branch Executives of Unison and Unite will recommend to members that no further industrial action be taken in relation to the 2013 pay settlement”.

Hattie Craig, Vice-President of Education at the University of Birmingham’s Guild of Students said: “This victory comes after a hard-fought campaign including numerous strikes, demonstrations and occupations and shows that students and staff fighting together have the power to force universities into doing what is right.”

She also said: “However, the University of Birmingham still needs to become an accredited living wage employer if staff aren’t going to live in fear of poverty, and it is inexcusable that it has yet to do so whilst its Vice-Chancellor is paid over £400,000 a year. We still have a whole list of other demands which are yet to be met so the campaign will continue.”

The announcement follows a series of series of Defend Education protests earlier this year resulting in thirteen arrests including six students. These students were subsequently suspended yet only three have since been reinstated.

The current Living Wage is £7.65 and £8.80 for London, yet many Universities around the country are still not granted the Living Wage.

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