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Album: Jamie Jooste – The Man is Always Right

Born into a family of singers, it’s no wonder Jamie Jooste’s sound on The Man Is Always Right, pays homage to such a breadth of iconic R&B and Soul legends. The material draws upon six relationship scenarios with each story from a different perspective, be it that of a child witnessing their own parents troubles, or as an experienced woman who becomes a mistress type figure in the eyes of her man.

The EP is alive with warm electric and pulsating beats, giving Jamie’s soulful voice and diva-like persona a fresh and contemporary feel. The tracks on this record are littered with sophisticated pop hooks, pouring with emotion and drama; bringing these tales to life.

Fusing all the elements together is rapper and producer Jay Picasso; supplying bars and a more importantly a male voice to the table. The combination of these two artists has culminated in a vibrant and bold selection of songs, with Jamie Jooste’s intricate melodies and harmonies at the core. At only 25, the progression of this South African born, modern-day diva is one to pay close attention to.

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