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Top 5 Songs… you can “feel” without understanding the lyrics

1. On ira – Jean-Jacques Goldman

The lyrics of this French ballad are gorgeous; however, it is the unmistakable love and tenderness in Goldman’s voice that define this song.

2. Liekkas – Sofia Jannok

Performed in Sami, a Northern European minority language, this song’s title of “warm” is very apt. The delicate chords spirit you to a cosy fireside.

3. O Anzol – Rádio Macau

This song’s Portuguese lyrics tell a grim tale but the tune is upbeat and incorporates brilliant harmonica work and a beautiful and unique voice.

4. Lluvia al corazón – Mana

The angst and adoration are clear in this Mexican rock track—even if you don’t speak Spanish, it is impossible not to sing along.

5. Dan yuan ren chang jiu – Faye Wong

I first encountered this Chinese love song in Beijing and it still never fails to move me. Simple but sublimely beautiful, as well as haunting.

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