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Year in Review 2019: Interview with Nancy Rothwell

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Preview: The Producers

One of Manchester’s theatre events of the year! This rendition of The Producers features an all-star cast including comedians Jason Manford (as Leo Bloom) and Phil Jupitus (as Franz Liebkind), alongside dancer Louie Spence (as Carmen Ghia). Directed by the masterful Matthew White (writer and director of Top Hat), you can be sure that this will be a show not to miss.

Adapted from Mel Brooks’ 1968 satirical comedy film starring Gene Wilder and Zero Mostel, The Producers is about Max Bilaystock (Corey English), a failing Broadway producer who charms elderly women as a way to finance his plays. Enter Leo Bloom, an accountant who finds that Max is in fact committing fraud. In realizing that a producer could make much more money from a flop than a hit, they team up and hatch a foolproof plan to create the worst Broadway production ever. Naturally not everything goes to plan and after their Nazi-Inspired love letter to Hitler, ‘Springtime For Hitler’ written by real ex-Nazi Franz Liebkind (Phil Jupitus) becomes a hit, Leo and Max’s grand scheme comes crashing down around them.

This particular tour has been running since 6th March starting at the Churchill Theatre in Bromley and has been received to rave reviews with The Guardian stating that it “Puts the comedy back into musical comedy.”

The Producers has won many accolades during its various runs on Broadway and The West End, including (a record-breaking) 12 Tony Awards and 3 Olivier Awards. You can be guaranteed to be in stitches. A must see for any theatre goer this year.

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