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22nd October 2015

Accessories: The Hallowe’en Edit

Don’t want to go all-out for Halloween but want your outfit to acknowledge the scary theme? Fear not, Kathryn Murray is here to help

Hallowe’en comes around every year. Yet we never seem prepared. Strange, huh? If you are like me and don’t want to commit to buying a full-on outfit, only to wear it once every year, then accessories are a great option!


This is one of the only nights you can go crazy with your make-up and not care if you accidentally give yourself a black-eye instead of a smokey-eye! Luckily, the range of decorative face products has drastically improved over the last few years. Take this Orelia ‘Sparkle stars’ Hallowe’en face tattoo. You can find it on ASOS for £5 and it looks great! Metallic tattoos are on trend, and will look great with any outfit! Want to be a bit more traditional with your face decorating? Why not invest in this face paint kit for £12 from Claire’s? Pumpkin, Zombie, Vampire, Cat, anything is possible with this palette. If you dab a bit of paint or apply a face tattoo, you are guaranteed to be Hallowe’en-ready.

Left Photo: Claire’s Accessories
Right Photo: ASOS


Bit of a weird one I know, but an outfit is from head to toe after all! Everyone has that go-to LBD, or even an LBS (little black skirt, in case you were wondering). Stick this on and add some witch tights (£8 from ASOS) and the job’s a good’un. ASOS also does these spider web tights for £8, or if you are feeling super stylish, why not try these Cobweb Heeled Mules for £45. Because shoes always fit.

Photos: ASOS

Bit of bling

If you actually just want to go on a night out but it happens to coincide with Hallowe’en, a bit of jewellery is a great way to add spook to your outfit. ASOS sells some super-cute Pumpkin earrings for £18 that I would be tempted to wear on a daily basis. ASOS also sells a Suzywan glitter bat necklace for £20. Glitter? I am sold. Or maybe try some horny hair clips which are easy-peasy to use, and are sequined. Oh Asos, you know me so well.

If these are a bit tame for you, why not go for some fingerless gloves… with cobwebs (ASOS: £7)! Jazzy.

Photo credit: ASOS

All of these accessories would make any outfit scream Hallowe’en! The hard part is to decide what to go for…

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