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Accessories: The Hallowe’en Edit

Hallowe’en comes around every year. Yet we never seem prepared. Strange, huh? If you are like me and don’t want to commit to buying a full-on outfit, only to wear it once every year, then accessories are a great option!


This is one of the only nights you can go crazy with your make-up and not care if you accidentally give yourself a black-eye instead of a smokey-eye! Luckily, the range of decorative face products has drastically improved over the last few years. Take this Orelia ‘Sparkle stars’ Hallowe’en face tattoo. You can find it on ASOS for £5 and it looks great! Metallic tattoos are on trend, and will look great with any outfit! Want to be a bit more traditional with your face decorating? Why not invest in this face paint kit for £12 from Claire’s? Pumpkin, Zombie, Vampire, Cat, anything is possible with this palette. If you dab a bit of paint or apply a face tattoo, you are guaranteed to be Hallowe’en-ready.


Left Photo: Claire’s Accessories
Right Photo: ASOS


Bit of a weird one I know, but an outfit is from head to toe after all! Everyone has that go-to LBD, or even an LBS (little black skirt, in case you were wondering). Stick this on and add some witch tights (£8 from ASOS) and the job’s a good’un. ASOS also does these spider web tights for £8, or if you are feeling super stylish, why not try these Cobweb Heeled Mules for £45. Because shoes always fit.


Photos: ASOS

Bit of bling

If you actually just want to go on a night out but it happens to coincide with Hallowe’en, a bit of jewellery is a great way to add spook to your outfit. ASOS sells some super-cute Pumpkin earrings for £18 that I would be tempted to wear on a daily basis. ASOS also sells a Suzywan glitter bat necklace for £20. Glitter? I am sold. Or maybe try some horny hair clips which are easy-peasy to use, and are sequined. Oh Asos, you know me so well.

If these are a bit tame for you, why not go for some fingerless gloves… with cobwebs (ASOS: £7)! Jazzy.


Photo credit: ASOS

All of these accessories would make any outfit scream Hallowe’en! The hard part is to decide what to go for…

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