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Travelling through the accessory time machine

Coming from an Indian household, bling is king and no one ever questions it. But it was never always this way; in my Biji’s (grandma’s) day, a good piece of gold would be considered enough and the key to beauty was to keep it simple. From necklaces to bangles, everything was made of gold, and this tradition is yet to fade. Even after marriage, the amount of jewellery worn was kept to a minimum. My Biji’s everyday jewellery was a few gold bangles and a gold ring. This might sound very blingy, but this combo never changed. It went with every outfit and was never compromised for anything.

Although gold is worn less now, it’s still a staple for an Indian accessory collection. My Mum’s wedding ring is made of gold, and gold necklaces are a great asset to any outfit. The sentiment of gold is very high within Indian families. Gold sets are often given as wedding gifts and worn to weddings and parties. The plainer your outfit, the more excuse you have to bling up. I have taken the sentiment of everyday jewellery and the blinginess of today’s style and incorporated it into my own accessory look. I wear a gold piece every day because of my love for jewellery, especially timeless pieces, and I love to bling out for a party.

Here are some key pieces that have made an appearance throughout the generations of my family.

The Gold Ring

This seems to be a running accessory, from my Grandma, to my Mum, and now me. A gold ring is an accessory that can be worn by any generation.

A Jewellery Set

You will be adorned with gold jewellery sets if you get married but, before then, a good quality jewellery set is a must to complete your saree look. These sets can range in heaviness and detail and have been seen as part of my Mum’s accessory collection, and now have become part of mine.

A Saree Belt

This accessory is making a comeback. After fading out in my Mum’s early years, the saree belt is a great way to give you a classic look with a unique piece of jewellery. If your Grandma or Mum has one, I’m sure they won’t mind if you borrow it.

After looking at my family’s accessories, I can say that I love the Eastern influence that my heritage gives me. Not only does it add flair to my outfits, but it shows the wonderful ways in which the women in my family have influenced my style.

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