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Review: Swim Deep

Swim Deep Manchester Academy 1 Thursday 10th March 2016 7/10 As a seasoned Swim Deep gig-goer, you’d think I know the drill by now. Five gigs in and it’d all be pretty predictable. Not this time. Swim Deep were my sixth-form band, they were my first proper gig, and they were the first band that […]

Photo: Footloose UK Tour 2016

Review: Footloose

The often fatal idea of casting minor celebrities in popular musicals proves Annabel Cartwright wrong with the UK tour of Footloose

Interview: Swim Deep

Meg Roberts interviews Birmingham five-piece Swim Deep, and explores their radical move from lo-fi dream pop to psychedelic house

Is hype everything?

Can hype make or break a game? Is it better to go in blind or set your expectations high for a game you know you will play? Is hype everything? Stephen Lewis ponders and answers this question below