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4th February 2017

Sticking to your New Year’s resolutions

Struggling to keep your New Year’s resolutions going now that February has started? We’ve got some advice on how to achieve your goals

We’ve all been there — the goals that you drunkenly set on the 31st of December for the year ahead suddenly seem impossible to achieve as soon as January’s over. One of the biggest challenges facing us when we make these resolutions is how to keep them going throughout February and the rest of the year. Like any habit that we want to establish, the most important thing to remember is why we want to keep our resolutions in the first place.

Is it to improve our everyday life? To help others? To improve our productivity? Keeping that reason, whatever it is, in your mind when you think about your resolutions will help to refocus your mind and make you more determined to keep them going throughout the year.

If going to the gym is your resolution, you might find that your eagerness to see results means that you get disheartened when you don’t have the body you want by the 31st of January. Bear in mind that you’re unlikely to see results straight away — in fact, it might take a couple of months for you to start seeing progress. One of the best ways to keep your gym resolution is to find someone to go with — you can both encourage each other, and give each other motivation when it’s needed.

If you’re determined to stay organised this year, buying some new stationary could help make it easier for you to stay on top of deadlines. A diary or daily planner would help to keep everything organised by day, week, or month depending on your preference. Different coloured pens and highlighters could help to make important deadlines stand out and help you keep things organised.

If giving up alcohol or nights out form part of your resolution, try to surround yourself with like-minded people, or friends who are going to help you stick to it. Giving up alcohol doesn’t mean that you have to stay in every night — Manchester has loads of activities that don’t involve alcohol, such as The Escape Room on Chapel Street, or Black Dog Ballroom for bowling in the Northern Quarter. Speaking of the Northern Quarter, why not try out some of their independent cafés and restaurants? They cater for all different tastes at reasonable prices.

Ultimately, sticking to New Year’s resolutions is something that has to come from you. If you’re feeling like your goals are unrealistic, why not change them? There’s nothing that says that you’re not allowed to change your resolutions throughout the year if you feel like they’re not working for you.

At the same time, it’s more than ok to drop a resolution if working towards it is making you unhappy. Set realistic goals that you think you can achieve within a realistic timeframe, and you shouldn’t have any problems sticking to your New Year’s resolutions the whole year round.

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