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20th June 2017

Apply to join the 2017/18 Editorial Team

Apply before the 4th of July to join our 2017/18 Editorial Team!

Applications to join the Editorial Team for 2017/18 are now open. This is your chance to work for the biggest student newspaper in the country and gain authentic journalism experience.

The experience you will gain working for a student print publication will be invaluable and enhance your CV immeasurably. Previous section editors have gone on to careers in the national press, public relations, and broadcast journalism.

All current students at the University of Manchester are able to apply and you don’t necessarily have to have worked for The Mancunion before — our only requirement is a demonstrable passion for journalism.

You have until 11.55pm on the 4th of July to apply.

Please keep in mind that successful applicants will be invited to training days on the 11th and 12th of September, which while not compulsory the training will be comprehensive and highly beneficial to your understanding of your positions requirements and the inner workings of The Mancunion.

To apply, please fill in the application form at the bottom of this page. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact [email protected].

The positions available are:

News Editors – In charge of producing six pages of The Mancunion every week, including the all important front page. News Editors will have to demonstrate a keen awareness of the student area of Manchester to enable them to find news stories, and understand the workings of student politics, as they will have to follow the work of the 2017/18 Exec team closely. The News Editorial team will consist of a Head News Editor and two Deputy News Editors.

Science and Technology Editor – In charge of the Science and Technology page of The Mancunion. Works closely with the News Editors and shares their contributor meetings. The role will involve keeping up to date with all the scientific developments at the University.

Features Editors – In charge of two Feature pages of The Mancunion, which can include in-depth investigation articles or interviews. The team will be made up of a Head Features Editor and a Deputy Features Editor. Both editors will have a desire to follow-up and investigate stories within the student community, and the ability to encourage other contributors to do the same. They will also have imaginative ideas about who The Mancunion could invite to be interviewed.

Opinion Editors – In charge of designing two Opinion pages a week, with a focus on articles which have a predominantly student focus. The team will consist of a Head Opinion Editor and a Deputy Opinion Editor. The editors will be in charge of chairing meetings with Opinion contributors and ensuring that a balanced range of views are represented.

Music Editors – In charge of three Music Pages a week, which will include reviews of gigs, albums and longer features. The team will be made up of  Head Music Editor and a Deputy Music Editor, who will be in charge of keeping an eye on review opportunities and the sharing out of these between contributors.

Games Editor – In charge of one page in The Mancunion each week. Run by just the one Games Editor who will be in charge of keeping an eye on new releases to be reviewed and commissioning longer features, always with a student audience in mind.  

Fashion and Beauty Editors – In charge of the two page centre spread of The Mancunion every week. The team will be made up of a Head Fashion and Beauty Editor and two deputies. They will have to keep an eye on fashion and beauty trends, particularly within the Manchester student community.

Film Editors – In charge of designing two pages every week. The team will be made up of a Head Film Editor and a Deputy, who will have to keep an eye on new releases to be reviewed and share these opportunities with their contributors. They will have to ensure their content and choices of films to review are with a student audience in mind.

Books Editor – In charge of one page in The Mancunion every week. Run by just the one Books Editor who will have to keep an eye on new releases to be reviewed and wider literature news and distribute these opportunities to contributors.

Food & Drink Editors – In charge of two pages every week. The team will be made up of the Head Food and Drink Editor and a Deputy. There is budget within The Mancunion for contributors to spend reviewing restaurants in the Manchester area, and the Editors will be in charge of co-coordinating this and ensuring that all places chosen to review are done so with a student audience in mind.

Arts Editor – In charge of one page every week, and run by just the one Arts Editor. They will have a keen awareness of the arts world of Manchester and be able to keep up with any developments, sharing any review opportunities with contributors.

Theatre Editor – In charge of one page every week, and run by just the one Theatre Editor. The Editor will be aware of the Theatre world of Manchester and be able to keep up with all the new shows, sharing any review or interview opportunities with contributors.

Lifestyle Editors – In charge of two pages in The Mancunion every week. The team will be made up of a Head Lifestyle Editor and a Deputy, who will write and commission articles on a range of topics that make up the student lifestyle. Topics can range from travel writing, mental health articles, advice columns, sexual health and much more.

Sport Editors – In charge of the four back pages of The Mancunion. The team will be made up of a Head Sports Editor and a Deputy. Their roles will include covering national sport developments, but their focus must be on University sporting achievements or local sport coverage.

Sub editors – These editors will be some of the last to read articles before they are published in print and online. It is a Sub editors job to ensure there are no spelling/grammar mistakes or factual errors within articles before they are published. They are also in charge of ensuring all headlines and excerpts are as eye-catching as possible.

The team of Sub editors will be run by a Head Sub editor and then there are an unlimited number of positions available on the team, as it is a time-consuming task, therefore it is good to be able to rotate the team.

Social Media Editors – A team in charge of overseeing high quality social media output on our Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram to ensure we reach a wide student audience.

All section editors are expected to work diligently with the rest of Editorial Team to ensure the paper produced weekly is to a consistently high standard.

The roles do require a significant amount of time to be committed, but this volunteering time will be printed upon your degree certificate, and will be highly valued by employers. We will also work to help you manage your time effectively to ensure you’re able to create a balance between university work and your editorial commitments.

Section editors are required to run weekly meetings for contributors to attend and pitch stories. They must act as mentors for their contributors and work to engage them in The Mancunion and help them to improve their writing and understanding of journalism.

After distributing the articles for that week they must then work to ensure all the content is submitted to our sub editors on time. They then must use InDesign, which they will get thorough training in prior to the first print deadline, to layout their section ready from print every Friday.

Overall we ask that all section editors work enthusiastically and passionately throughout the year to ensure all the editorial staff feel supported and part of a strong team. Our aim is to create quality journalism in an inspiring environment.

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