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16th November 2017

Warm Laundry – new record label alert

Three brand new artists, Cavernzz, 60s Space Engine and Chappaqua Wrestling performed at Salford’s Eagle Inn to celebrate Warm Laundry, an exciting new, student run record label.

One day Joe Taylor was doing his laundry and the genius idea hit him: everyone loves warm laundry. Don’t they? And so Warm Laundry records was born. The label is definitely off to a good start. Tiernan Banks also assisted Taylor in setting up the label and they recruited their pal Theo Cooper to fully kick-start what is now the start of something great.

WL’s aim is to push small artists and hopefully provide some funding into their first recordings. In the future, the aim is to produce records. The artists signed to the label currently are friends both from musical and other encounters. However, the label wants to stick with the idea that if they see potential in someone new and interesting, they’ll follow through.

So I went to the event on the 11th October at the Eagle Inn, Salford to see what Warm Laundry are all about. Firstly I was mind boggled by the fact that Salford is literally next to the Arndale Centre. (I have been uber-ing to Hidden for no reason?!) So although Taylor referred to it as “far from the student bubble” in our interview – it was definitely worth that tiny bit of extra effort. Three different acts performed, Cavernzz, 60s Space Engine and Chappaqua Wrestling – who were celebrating the release of their EP 1.

Each of the acts was different in their own way, and there was a lot of talent on the stage. There was a variety of styles performed by all the artists and it was overall really refreshing to see new and independent talent.

Cavernzz was up first. He maintained a fixated stare throughout his performance, meaning you could not take your eyes off him. The focus was incredible, as was his original performance and sound. If I was to compare him to someone, I would say he’s a smoother version, Jake Bugg. I got the same, drawn back, stripped-down kind of vibe and it was a bit hypnotising. The performance was just Cavernzz and his guitar. Very easy to listen to and a great performer. The audience was completely engrossed throughout the entire performance.

Photo: Jodie Bryant

Second up were the 60s Space Engine and everyone was just baffled (in a good way) by what was going on. There were sounds coming from every point of the stage; the band members were constantly moving around pressing different buttons, making different sounds – I loved the spontaneity of it. This group definitely drew on the likes of John Hopkins, Air and Youth Lagoon but also it was original and like nothing I’d ever seen before.

Photo: Jodie Bryant

And finally, the headline act, Chappaqua Wrestling. These guys definitely have the potential to do really well. If you are a fan of the likes of Hippo Campus and the Hunna, you will love Chappaqua Wrestling. My favourite track and performance of the whole evening was ‘Only You Could Know.’ Skilled guitar playing and catchy lyrics, they brought the whole night together very well at the end. Happy and upbeat, but not too poppy — I can see them breaking into BBC Introducing.

Photo: Jodie Bryant

Overall, the crowd and general atmosphere were a clear sign of how well WL pulled off the evening. Everyone left in good spirits and safe to say a few of us missed our 9ams the next day (whoops). Keep at it WL! Speaking to Joe, he said the event was “probably our favourite one we’ve done so far. People were very positive and we thought the venue was brilliant.”

For more WL info check out their Facebook Page


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