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12th February 2018

Pizza event marks successful start for postgraduate society

The new society for postgraduates students kiceds off the semester with the “Postgrads Pizza”, a social attended by 150 students
Pizza event marks successful start for postgraduate society
Image: Duncan Hall @ Flickr

A new society for postgraduates successfully held its first event, which saw more than 150 postgraduate student enjoy free pizza and the opportunity to chat with fellow peers.

The evening, which took place in the Academy 2 at the Students’ Union, was a promotional event for the launch of the new postgraduates society.

Students were given the chance to sign up for the society and engage in fun games such as “human bingo”.

Angela Fusco, founder and President of the University of Manchester postgraduate society, said: “It was an absolute success, with all tickets booked, which affirmed the need for the University of Manchester Postgraduate Society. The great turn out proved that postgraduates are eager to develop a social network similar to what we all experienced as undergraduates.”

This first get-together opportunity is the starting point of a broader project that aims at the integration of postgraduates in the university community.

Students’ Union Executive Education Officer Emma Atkins said: “The benefit is to help postgrads find like-minded friends, to get them to know what the SU does and how it can help them, and offer them more social opportunities. The society will be great because it is run by postgrads for postgrads, who know is important to them.”

Following the enthusiastic feedback that the Pizza Event has had, more events are scheduled including conferences with guests speakers, skills masterclasses and charity events.

The next event is on the 9th of February, “Plant and Hope 5“.

Organised by the Faculty Officer for Science and Engineering, Aleksandra Besevic, postgraduate students that will attend it will be given a free plant — a green way to decorate their house or office.

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