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6th December 2018

Event Preview: ArtBox 2

Manchester’s very own Funraising are back, mixing the creative with charity, and above all, prioritising a good time
Event Preview: ArtBox 2
Photo: Eleanor Forrest @ Funraising

Funraising are a group of students and young professionals based in and around Manchester who aim to mix creativity with a good cause. Their previous events have included club nights ‘Easy on the Dijon’ and ‘Brazilian Wax’, in aid of The Mustard Tree, LASNET Migrant Support, and PostBox, which raised money for the Bhopal Medical Appeal.

On December 13th at Solomon’s Cafe Bar in Withington, Funraising are hosting an underground art auction called ArtBox, showcasing work from students across the city. This event is the second of its kind and aims to raise money for Manchester Mind. Last year, the same event brought in over £1000 for the charity, a figure that Sophie Billington, the founder of Funraising, tells me earned them the title ‘superstars’ on behalf of the charity.

Check out the video from last year’s event on the event page.

Sophie Billington, the founder of Funraising, explains that mental health was one of the key causes that the project was founded for. She describes ArtBox as one of her most rewarding projects and tells me Funraising is fundamentally a mix of creativity, charity, and fun.

Talented artists across Manchester have been donating their pieces to put them on show for your eyes only on the night. With a specific focus on student artists, there will also be the work from the likes of professionals such as Mancsy on offer. This will be the chance to get your hands on both original and professional artwork, and of course show some support — both for the cause at hand and for all the aspiring artists around you.

Esmee Balcewicz, one of the artists you will be able to meet on the night, combines illustration and animation in her artwork. She explains that the process of drawing makes her “calmer”.

“It makes you mindful of all the things around you, reminds you that there is a world outside of your head.”

Characterised as a ‘not-so-silent’ art auction, ArtBox promises to be just the right level of fun, with a dash of seriousness thrown in by the ultimate cause behind it. You will find Funraising’s DJs in the basement as well as some live music upstairs. With free entry, a charitable atmosphere, and some decent tunes in the background, this underground art auction will provide the perfect opportunity for you to show some good will before the festive period.

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