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The winter coat you should buy based on your Myers – Briggs personality type

Now that the temperatures are plummeting, it is time to invest in a good winter coat to wear to lectures, the library and anywhere else that requires you leaving the house whilst living in Manchester. When it comes to winter fashion, coats are the staple piece of your wardrobe. Therefore, it is more important than ever to shop for quality in order to find a coat to see you through the winter.

If you’re finding choosing a winter coat difficult, why not choose one based on your Myers–Briggs Personality Type. The famous personality test divides people into 16 distinct personality types under 4 main divisions: Analysts, Diplomats, Sentinels, and Explorers, all of which we’ve paired with their ideal style of winter coat.

Analysts: The Puffer

If you are an INTJ, INTP, ENTJ or ENTP, you are an Analyst. Analysts are logical intellectuals with a strategic mind and a thirst for knowledge.

In addition to looking good in winter, what is important for Analysts is to have a coat that is functional and practical. The puffer is great for this as it will keep you warm and dry. It’s also become somewhat of a trend over the past few years, meaning there are lots of different styles, colours, and prints to choose from. They are also great for layering, another practical and chic way of dressing for Analysts.

Sentinels: The Teddy

ISTJs, ISFJs, ESTJs and ESFJs, Sentinels are reliable and sociable. The ideal coat for this personality type is the teddy.

As its name suggests, this trendy coat has a teddy bear texture and is so soft and cosy that you will feel like you are wearing a blanket. It will never let you down when it comes to keeping warm, but also when it comes to wearability as this style is great for all occasions, from the everyday to the formal. This is perfect for Sentinels who want to be ready for any kind of social event, whilst remaining approachable and friendly.

Diplomats: The Wool Coat

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The Diplomats, INFJs, INFPs, ENFJs and ENFPs, are optimists who always look to the bright side of things and they also make great leaders. If you are a diplomat, the wool coat is perfect for you.

This structured piece is slightly more formal, meaning it can make an everyday outfit look more put together and professional, perfect to make Diplomats look like the leaders they are. It’s simple, chic and will never go out of style, much like optimism.

Explorers: The Cape

The Explorers are those who pave paths for others to follow. ISTP, ISFP, ESTP and ESFP personality types enjoy thinking outside the box, so the cape, an untraditional coat, is the perfect winter outerwear.

You don’t need to worry about what to wear underneath a cape because its elegant draping texture will hide even the chunkiest, fluffiest jumper. Plus, as an Explorer, you’re probably not too worried about practicalities. You can buy capes fairly affordably, as they don’t have the structure that some other coats do, meaning they aren’t as expensive to make and makes them great for Explorers who are looking to save money to go travelling and do other spontaneous activities.

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