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Wolf Alice chat BLUE WEEKEND, lockdown in Brussels and their favourite new music

Wolf Alice have been kicking up a storm. They announced their return with third album Blue Weekend out 4th June via Dirty Hit Records. No Hard Feelings, premiered with Zane Lowe on his New Music Daily on Apple 1 earlier this evening, following  The Last Man On Earth and Smile, the previous two singles from Blue Weekend.

Our Head Music Editor Tilda Gratton was lucky enough to sit down with Theo and Joff from the band to find out more…

Image: Wolf Alice Blue Weekend Official Album Artwork

Wolf Alice Blue Weekend is coming soon – that’s pretty exciting! Do you wanna tell us a little more about how that came about? 

Theo: I don’t know if there’s one story of how the album came about but when we collected a lot of songs, the name comes from an Uber ride where it was a very blue weekend and we were in Brussels we were recording the record at the time. We were racking our brains things to do on the weekend in Brussels and we’re hoping next time it was a blue weekend we were going to go somewhere and do something nice.

I heard you went on a road trip to Somerset to start getting writing for it and then you got lockdown in Brussels or something what was that like? 

Joff: Lockdown in Brussels was interesting…usually when you’re making a record it’s nice to have some rest bite from it and kind of be able to also escape from it as well as getting that kind of distance you sometimes need. We weren’t really able to do that cause we were locked down in in the studio so it was very full-on and very intense- there was no escape from this big looming blue monster behind us, omnipresent…

Wolf Alice Press. Photo by Jordan Hemingway

Yeah definitely a very good decision then. Your first single is out now – last man on earth, how has the reaction to that been? 

Theo: The whole reaction just watching it online is quite weird cause you know we’re missing the emotional reciprocation of playing gigs, I’m sure we would have been doing some kind of gig at the moment or some form of playing live so we’re missing that but just seeing people enjoying it and having quite emotional reactions has been really moving and happy-making especially in this time. The tour that we put on sale sold out really quickly which has been overwhelming that people were willing to buy ticket for next year and even still wanted to see us play cause we’ve been away for a little while now.  

Where are you most excited to play? 

Theo: F*cking everywhere, would play anywhere right now..Joff’s got a hometown gig on this album! 

Joff: Yeah the little village called Calstock but it’s a bit scary cause I think the so we’ve never played in Plymouth before and the venue is about three times in size of the other venues we’re playing…but I’m super looking forward to that I think it’s gonna be great from it’s on a Friday night I’ve got a load of mates coming down and we plan on going over agreed ****** night out in Plymouth afterwards it’s gonna be great. 

That’s super exciting I’ve got my ticket for the Manchester one so I’ll see you guys there do you guys know Manchester well? 

Theo: Yeah we love Manchester! 

Joff: We had a great time every time we’ve been there head of a lot of goods great venues down there really really fantastic the Brits and gorilla and the Apollo and Albert Hall. 

Wolf Alice Press. Photo by Jordan Hemingway

Let’s hear a bit more about Blue Weekend,  would you say their is any particular influences on this album? I can hear some shoegaze inspired guitars?

Joff: Yeah I love a bit of shoegaze, loves a bit of Kevin Shields and Sonic Youth and all that kind of stuff, yeah I mean in terms of what they contributed to the linkage of guitar to you know I mean it’s it opened up a whole new world of possibilities so yeah there are times where I’m very much riding on that wave. 

Theo:  I think I’ve been going backwards rather than listening to what’s going on at the moment lately I’ve been listening to a lot of stuff that has been out for 40 years just listening to a lot of the Band since the between the 2nd and album and this album I think we remember we talked about but the band a fair bit 

Joff: I got for Christmas the greatest ******* thing in the world was here this is the original of the last waltz on vinyl ohh what from the Scorsese film 

Theo: Yeah wow it’s ******* brilliant the band that’s our answer we discovered a little known band from the 70s…you should watch the last waltz if you haven’t, that’s the last ever gig that they did they recorded it and they like Bob Dylan and Neil Young and loads of people at different points in their career that’s the last ever gig that they did they recorded it and they got all of the people that used to play with him to come on it’s it’s honestly amazing that is a prime recommendation Bob Dylan shows up doctor John light is crazy that that’s a good watch. 

Do you guys have any like recommendations for current London bands? 

Theo: there’s a really good band I’ve just discovered band called high viz I really like them… I really like chubby in the gang…I was listening to a lot of this group called army boys which were South London rap collective which was split up and that was bad a year ago as this seems to them loads I really like masterpiece it was apart of that he’s going to pop singer that’s around at the moment and then like I will listen to a lot of rap music I love pa salieu…South of the River in the last few years seems to be a flying the flag 

Joff:  The thing that I’ve really been doing at the moment is just playing- I’ve been playing so much guitar in the last couple months I really have not been listening to listening to much other than just kind of records I have in my collection yeah kind of having a deep dig..another one of these things I bought this is the complete Beatles songbook every single Beatles song they’ve ever done the score for every single song I’m reading music at the moment instead…I need to get more current I’m really rubbish I’m sure there are so many great grow exciting new things out there always. 

Joff I saw in lockdown you been busy with your own solo stuff to talk about that? 

Joff: That was a charity record sponsor covers, here’s one original piece in there or guitar instrumentals famous ones from various artists mainly from people kind of in the from likely fifty 60s back to the God like Elizabeth Cotton was in the 20s I think 1920s and yeah it was actually it was actually recorded a year before we it was released because it was done on a lot of goodwill from people and a lot of other favours to get out so we could throw maximising our money that we raised further trust will trusts who were having food bank charity so it’s yeah it was recorded quite a while ago now but yeah it was so it was fun to do something different. 

How would you describe Blue Weekend in 3 words? 

Joff: Its f*cking great

Wolf Alice’s third album Blue Weekend is out on 11th June. They are set to play Manchester O2 Apollo on January 12th and 13th 2022. 


Wed 05 Glasgow Barrowland (EXTRA DATE) 

Fri 07 Glasgow Barrowland (SOLD OUT) 

Sat 08 Glasgow Barrowland (SOLD OUT) 

Sun 09 Newcastle City Hall 

Mon 10 Norwich UEA (SOLD OUT) 

Wed 12 Manchester Apollo (SOLD OUT) 

Thu 13 Manchester Apollo (EXTRA DATE) 

Fri 14 Sheffield Academy (SOLD OUT) 

Sat 15 Liverpool University (SOLD OUT) 

Tue 18 London Apollo (SOLD OUT) 

Wed 19 London Apollo (EXTRA DATE) 

Sat 22 Southampton Guildhall (SOLD OUT) 

Sun 23 Bexhill On Sea De La Warr Pavilion 

Mon 24 Dublin Olympia Theatre (EXTRA DATE) 

Tue 25 Dublin Olympia Theatre (SOLD OUT) 

Thu 27 Birmingham Academy 

Fri 28 Plymouth Pavilions 

Sun 30 Bristol Academy (SOLD OUT) 

Mon 31 Bristol Academy (EXTRA DATE) 

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