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10th December 2021

Alternative evenings across Manchester

Looking for an evening alternative to Manchester’s nightclubs? Here at The Mancunion, we’ve got you covered. From various game nights to cafe bars, there are plenty of ways to spend your evenings.
Alternative evenings across Manchester
Photo : The Mancunion

Looking for an evening alternative to Manchester’s nightclubs? Here at The Mancunion, we’ve got you covered. From various game nights to café bars, there are plenty of ways to spend your evenings.

UoM Christian Unions’ Christmas Carol Concert

RNCM Concert Hall, 6:30-8pm

The Christian Unions of Manchester’s five universities are holding their much loved annual Christmas carol concert! If you love carols and all things festive, come and sing along to all the Christmas classics, listen to some fantastic musicians, and hear a short talk on why Christmas means so much to Christians. Doors open at 6:30pm on Saturday 11th December at the RNCM concert hall, with student tickets available here for £5. With promises of a joyful evening and a sense of community, this is a sure way to feel festive this season.

Dog Bowl

Whitworth St W, 12-Midnight

Situated under the arches, Dog Bowl offers £5 bowling for students and half-price drinks. The part-bar part-bowling alley also has an arcade with classics such as Guitar Hero, Pac Man and shoot-out games. Happy hour is 4-8pm every Sunday-Friday, with drinks from £3.50. They offer a variety of cocktails, booze and food, providing a great night of entertainment. What could be better than a bit of friendly competition between flatmates or friends? Oh, and head to their Instagram (@dogbowlmcr) for a lot of cute dog pictures.

Wilderness Record Store

Withington, 12pm-9pm

On Egerton Crescent, tucked around the corner from Withington High street, you can find Wilderness Records. Acting as a cafe bar and gig venue, you definitely don’t need to be a vinyl connoisseur to enjoy a trip to Wilderness. It’s a great place to go with friends to chat about music, peruse shiny new albums and second-hand classics; then grab a beer, a coffee, or even a pie. Open from seven days a week, I’ve gone to Wilderness in the daytime and found it a great place to sit under-cover outside and do a spot of work with a hot chocolate. Unsurprisingly, the music is always excellent and the vibe is very relaxed. It can take on a different colour in the evening, hosting DJs and bands, whatever your musical preference. You can even shop online or in person.

Flight Club

Deansgate, 11am-1am

Slap bang in the centre of Manchester, Flight Club is home to a lively bar, sharing plates and social darts. At £7 per person for an hour of interactive darts, Flight Club offers a welcome alternative to an expensive night out in a club. From its stained-glass windows and pub-like atmosphere, Flight Club promotes the epitome of Mancunion culture. When I went with friends one Saturday night, everyone was buzzing. We all loved a traditional game of darts with a social twist. Live-action replays provided a good giggle as we saw concentration faces and winning points scored, all on the big screen. You’ll be sure to have an amazing night here.

Good Time Games

West Didsbury, 11-10:30pm

Set as a homely cafe, Good Time Games is one of my favourite places to go. With primarily vegan and veggie options, their food is deliciously fun. When The Mancunion first went, we spent hours there that, as Music Editor Reece Ritchie put it, “We were out so late playing board games board games the chippy shut!” The staff are lovely and know almost everything about the hundreds of games they have to offer. You can even purchase the games you’ve played from £3. Our favourites were Fun Employed and Secret Hitler. With an electric fireplace, plants lining the walls, and mismatched furniture, it makes for a really cosy evening.

The Mancunion at Good Time Games

Contributors: Emma Hattersley, Grace Kay, Kai Scotney, Erin Botten

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