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1st March 2022

The return of Euphoria makeup: What’s new in season two?

Find out about the makeup looks from Euphoria’s second season: a no foundation rule, ‘tiny rhinies’ and Twiggy inspired looks all feature in the new instalment.
The return of Euphoria makeup: What’s new in season two?
Photo credits: Maia Penny

Euphoria’s makeup precedes its reputation. You may not have seen the hit HBO show (although we seriously doubt you’d want to miss out on all the drama), but you’ve probably seen a TikTok or two featuring glittery recreations of the looks or a festival-goer with a gem-encrusted eye-look. The show is centred on a group of high school students living in a fictional Californian suburb dealing with serious issues such as drug addiction and abusive relationships. 

Its popularity undoubtedly comes from its frankness in confronting such complicated topics, but the originality and creativity of the makeup, costume and cinematography have also been central talking points of the show. Even if the show, and especially the second season, has highlighted the grim reality of addiction and withdrawal, the show has been accused of glamorising drug use, notably through artistic makeup looks. Whatever your opinion on the way drugs are portrayed in the show, you can’t deny that the makeup looks are mesmerising to look at. 

Photo credits: Letycja Oczkowicz

Season two has been airing since early January, and at the same weekly rhythm as its Sunday releases, it has been accompanied by an internet frenzy. Twitter is awash with hot takes and jokes about the show, and TikTok is choc-a-bloc with Euphoria-inspired makeup and fashion videos, with many gaining millions of likes and views. So what’s different this season? The storyline is even darker than the first time around, and Doniella Davy, the head makeup artist on Euphoria, has expertly been reflecting that in the makeup looks.

Photo credits: Maia Penny


This season saw a ‘no foundation’ rule from the director Sam Levinson, imposed by a sign taped to the mirror in the makeup trailer. Apart from the beauty queen character Maddy Perez played by Alexa Demie, no one was allowed a ‘full face’. Along with the fact that season two was also shot entirely on film, it serves to accentuate the ‘gritty’, raw feeling of the new instalment. 

Photo credits: Letycja Oczkowicz

Although the gems and glitter haven’t completely disappeared, the new series has a more pared-back approach to makeup. Maddy is perfecting her sharp liner wings, whilst Cassie, whose emotional breakdown sees her go into makeup overdrive, is adorned with ‘tiny rhinies’ i.e. small rhinestones, as termed by Davey. A visible inspiration for Davey this season is ’60s style makeup. Twiggy-esque eyes, framed by defined lashes can be seen on multiple characters including Cassie and her sister Lexi, whose nods to the sixties are a more subtle take on makeup trends from the past.

Photo credits: Maia Penny

Donni Davey’s instagram is an excellent resource if you want to learn more about the thought behind these looks. On her platform, she goes in-depth about the symbolism of many of the faces she designed for the show and gives tutorials on looks such as Maddy’s ‘double liner’. 

To recreate these looks, you’ll need a few products. A liner is essential. Davey recommends the Inglot AMC Gel Eyeliner 77, but we would perhaps suggest the Kat Von D Tattoo Liner, as the pen-like format is easy for any beginner. To embody Euphoria’s makeup, you’ll also need some rhinestones. You can purchase them in sheets from The Works, but any craft shop usually has a good stock. Lastly, you’ll need an array of coloured shadows. Morphe is a good brand for pigmented palettes with loads of shades and they currently have a ‘euphoric vibes‘ section on their website. 

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