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12th October 2022

Win free burgers for a term in student competition

Until October 19, students in Greater Manchester can enter new Manchester burger restaurant The Butcher’s competition to win free burgers for the rest of the current university term
Win free burgers for a term in student competition
Photo: @ The Butcher

Are you a student who’s sick of cooking and looking to win some free food? If so, The Butcher’s #FINDTHEBUTCHER campaign may be for you!

The Butcher is an award-winning international company that has recently opened its first Manchester restaurant in The Arndale’s Urban Playground. The new burger joint, which sells burgers, shakes, and fries, is currently running a competition to win its ‘best bloody burgers’ for a whole university term.

The campaign is exclusive to students in Greater Manchester and gives the participants a chance to win free burgers from October to January.

The winner will be able to choose from burgers such as ‘Silence of the Lamb’ and ‘The Hot Chick’. Veggies aren’t forgotten either with both a vegetarian and a vegan option on the menu, ‘The Veggie Delight’ and ‘The Vegan Delight’.

All you need to do to win is snap a selfie with The Butcher statue on the top floor of The Arndale, tag @thebutcher_manchester and #FINDTHEBUTCHER, and post the photo to your Instagram story. The prize will go to the funniest student selfie, so get creative!

Details of how to enter the competition as well as the terms and conditions can be found on the restaurant’s Instagram. Entries will only be accepted until Wednesday the 19th of October, so you’ll need to be quick if you want to be in with a chance of securing some free food.

You can find the promotional video for the competition here.

Annabel Benton

Annabel Benton

Co-Culture Managing Editor at The Mancunion // Twitter: @AnnabelBenton_

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