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20th October 2022

“Always rooting for the lettuce” say students as Liz Truss resigns

Students are going through a rollercoaster of emotions with the Prime Minister announcing her resignation 45 days after being appointed.
“Always rooting for the lettuce” say students as Liz Truss resigns

Liz Truss resigned today as the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. After serving just 45 days as PM, Truss is now the shortest-serving Prime Minister in UK history.

Liz Truss was officially the last PM under Queen Elizabeth II and the first under King Charles III, cementing her name in the history books. As part of her new position in the wake of the Queen’s death, Truss even gave a speech at Her Majesty’s funeral.

The mini-budget impacting the Pound fell to $1.08. The 3 policy U-turns during her tenure. And key Cabinet ministers like Kwasi Kwarteng and Suella Braverman leaving their position.

A student mentioned these moments to say, “these are what we will remember Liz Truss for.”

Students have been vocal in their opposition to Liz Truss. When the news broke that Truss would resign as PM, many just felt disappointed. One student stated, “I feel embarrassed, for her and this country.”

One student recalled the lettuce trend started by the Daily Star, saying “we were always rooting for the lettuce!”

The same rejoicing feeling was pervasive, with many students happy about her resignation.

Another elating student said, “I am glad she is gone. I think she is wooden and a terrible leader. Whoever replaces her, even if it’s a cardboard box, would be better than her.”



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However, some while they found the situation hilarious were concerned about the coming days for the state. There is a lot of confusion among students about the next step.

One student questions, “I guess Boris would come back.” While another says, “I guess Rishi Sunak or Penny Mordant might be the ones fighting for PM now.”

While Samantha Bronheim, the Union Affairs officer at the Students’ Union stated, “Truss’ resignation will only fuel the political instability going on in the country, so we as a union need to keep representing the needs of students to the university and lobby them to provide support where the government is struggling to.”

“On Tuesday we launched our Cost-of-Living survey, and already we have nearly 5000 responses from students – but we want to get as many as possible so we can use Manchester-specific data to strengthen our voice in the university. Not only will this data be used to provide valuable insight, but we will use it to shape our actions as well as the University’s. Already we have read many comments about students needing cheap groceries and ingredients, so we are strategizing how to make this happen. We are listening to you, and doing whatever we can to respond.”

As a result, Robbie Beale, the Activities and Culture Student Union exec stated, “government is nowhere to be seen. That’s why we’re meeting with Mayor of Greater Manchester Andy Burnham this afternoon to lobby for students’ needs. We’ll update you in due course.”

Meanwhile, students seem concerned about who ends up becoming the new PM. Some believe that Boris Johnson would come back, while others believe Rishi Sunak and Penny Mordaunt might have their hats in the mix.

Many hope for re-election, from students to national levels everyone seems to be calling for it.

Shikhar Talwar

Shikhar Talwar

Hello! I am the MMG News Producer. My job is to ensure collaboration between all 3 wings of MMG, namely Mancunion, Fuse TV and Fuse FM. I also write for the news section at the Mancunion, with topics ranging from elections to protests.

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