10th December 2022

In the Beauty Bag #11: Union Affairs Officer Sam Bronheim

Recent graduate and SU representative Sam Bronheim shares her beauty journey, tips she learnt from her mom and makeup bargains
In the Beauty Bag #11: Union Affairs Officer Sam Bronheim
Photo: Romina Farias @ Unsplash

‘In the Beauty Bag’ is a series at The Mancunion section, in which Manchester students reveal the contents of their beauty bag and share their top beauty secrets. Dive into the beauty routines of your peers to inspire your own! This week, our very own Students’ Union Affairs Officer, Samantha Bronheim, tells her how she learnt to do makeup and her beauty steals.

Photo: Samantha Bronheim @ The Mancunion

Name: Sam

Age: 22

Degree: Zoology, Graduate

Do you stick to a beauty routine?

“Yes but it’s very simple. I very much use makeup as a special occasion type thing so my daily routine is just mascara and concealer for the odd blemish or dark under-eye.”

What are your favourite makeup products?

“My favourite products are usually eye ones because those are what I use the most – I love trying new mascaras and probably have dozens of minis lying around. Currently, I love the Tarte Surfer Curl for a day-to-day and use the Maybelline Sky High for a more dramatic look. My favourite eyeshadow palette at the minute is the Urban Decay Naked Ultraviolet  – maybe ’cause I have green eyes I use every single shade in this palette.”

Is there anything specifically you like to splurge on?

“Skincare mostly – without good skin, you can’t have good makeup so I love to go the extra mile there. And probably foundation, given that it’s something I rarely wear it lasts me a really long time so I don’t mind splurging. Also, it’s a product that is more taxing on your skin so I like to spend more for a better quality product.”

What are your favourite skincare products?

“The Inkey List is a saving grace – I literally cannot praise their products enough. They are really decently priced but also genuinely good products. I use The Inkey Omega Water Cream moisturiser twice a day and it’s only £9.99. A little goes a long way too so it lasts. I’m also a fan of their Hyaluronic Acid serum; I find it way less sticky than its competitor product by The Ordinary. I also love my face roller – a little massage every night is both relaxing and a great way to get rid of puffiness and fine lines.”

Any beauty secrets?

I am not ashamed to admit my beauty skills are limited, so I’m not sure I have many secrets to indulge. I think colour correcting and colour theory gets overlooked a lot in choosing or applying the right makeup, so I’d probably suggest keeping this in mind next time you choose a lipstick or a foundation. But maybe that’s just the scientist in me finding a way to make makeup nerdy.

How did you learn to do makeup?

“I used to watch loads of Youtube tutorials on how to do makeup but it never turned out how I’d wanted. This was before I learnt about a wonderous thing called ‘eye shape’ which revolutionised my winged eye-liner technique at the big old age of 19.”

What/ who inspires you makeup-wise?

“My mother! I think the reason I’ve never felt the need to wear foundation is that she never did – and my skin thanks her for it! Makeup was always just a way to add a bit of fun or be creative, not something I needed every single day to “look good.””

Sam Bronheim

Sam Bronheim

Co-Science Editor

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