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7th April 2024

On screen style report #7: Monica Geller

What would Monica Geller be wearing in 2024?
On screen style report #7: Monica Geller
Credit: Collage by Saoirse Brady @ The Mancunion

While Rachel Green may be lauded as the best-dressed character on Friends, I am a firm believer that the crown belongs instead to Monica Geller. Despite being Ross’s little sister, it quickly became apparent that Monica was the matriarch of the friend group. She loved nothing more than taking care of the other friends and cooking for the group, and if you ever needed anything, she would be there for you.

This is reflected in her style: as the ‘mum friend’, she always looked put-together, with a penchant for miniskirts and fitted tops. While Rachel and Phoebe’s looks were often more playful and experimental, Monica’s style was more understated, as she opted for timeless silhouettes and classic colours. It would be easy to label Monica’s style as preppy with a hint of light academia, but her love of leather jackets and bold reds sets her apart from the rest, marking her as a true 90s fashion icon.

What I want to know is what would Monica be wearing in 2024? At the end of Friends, she says goodbye to the West Village and hello to suburbia, leaving the city to settle down with Chandler and the twins. But Monica is no yummy mummy! She would certainly still be dressing like the urbanite she is at heart. Let’s look at what Monica would wear in 2024.

Red, red, and more red

Anyone who has watched Friends knows that Monica’s favourite colour is red. As a bright winter, vivid reds complement her dark hair and blue eyes, and as the series went on, we saw her in countless red outfits. Monica is in luck, as we have just witnessed a red renaissance – it was named the colour of 2023.

But how would Monica show off her winning colour? A handbag of course! But not just any handbag will do; the always-prepared Monica needs one that will fit everything she could possibly need into it. Cue the Birkin bag, designed by Jean Louis Dumas for Hermès in 1984, when Jane Birkin complained that she couldn’t find a bag big enough to carry her things. It must be said that a Birkin bag would definitely be out of Monica’s price range, but perhaps a wealthy customer would gift one to her after a fabulous meal at her restaurant.

A red lip would also give her outfit a perfect pop of colour – I think Monica would suit this burnt ochre True Velvet lipstick by Lisa Eldridge.


Red beg and lipstick that Monica would wear
Credit: Hermès @ Vestiaire Collective, £13,915; Lise Eldrige @, $36

Miniskirts and tops

Monica often wore 1960s-inspired looks, consisting of miniskirts and fitted tops, so this would be no different in 2024. If she ever came to the UK again, perhaps to open a restaurant in London, she would love & Other Stories for all her miniskirt needs. For a special occasion, she would choose their Metallic Floral Jacquard Mini Skirt and pair it with a white top and silver jewellery. For everyday, she might like their Asymmetric Wrap Skirt and pair it with a black polo neck, although given her ‘neat-freak’ tendencies, she might not be ready for something that is asymmetric yet.

Credit: & Other Stories @, £75 and £85

Leather jackets galore

Leather jackets were a staple of Monica’s wardrobe and her favourite way to give an edge to an otherwise prim and proper outfit. To stay up to date with the current trend, she would pick an oversized leather jacket like this one from Acne Studios. She would chuck it over her blouse and miniskirt after work on the way to drinks with Rachel and Phoebe.

Credit: Acne Studios @, € 790

Did someone say Mary Janes?

Monica didn’t always have the best luck when it came to shoes (see ‘The One Where the Monkey Gets Away’ and ‘The One With Monica’s Boots’) but one thing is certain: she would love the recent infatuation with Mary Janes. These Nettie Heeled Mary Janes would add a final flourish to any of her outfits, making her look effortlessly chic.

Credit: Madewell @, £154


Like most women of the 90s, Monica was a big fan of spaghetti-strap dresses. For a casual summer day, she would love the Emerick Dress  by climate-neutral brand The Reformation. As a 60s fashion enthusiast, she would also love their Citron Linen Dress – it’s perfect for a day of shopping and lunch in the city with Rachel. For a more formal event, like another one of Ross’s weddings (come on, him and Rachel were never going to make it) she would love The Reformation’s Casette Silk Dress , in red of course.

Credit: Reformation @, £348, £198, £178

With a wardrobe like this, Monica would be prepared for any occasion (we know how much she loves to be prepared!) and ready to have a laugh with her friends. Functional but fabulous, Monica would be just as stylish in 2024 as she was in 1994.

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