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Jacklin Kwan tours the University of Manchester animal research unit in the Stopford Building, and examines the ethical considerations to be made in such a subject matter
This week, Senior Science & Technology Reporter, Serena Holloway, tackles the ongoing debate on animal testing in pharmaceutical development
The question of animal ethics in research has always been tricky to answer. New guidelines for cephalopods complicate things further as we consider what level of intelligence in animals should prevent their use in research
Editor-in-Chief Kirstie O’Mahony is the first ever journalist to see the facility up close and personal
The University admits to approving the use of 174,120 animals in 2016 as subjects of research
Miranda Bunnis takes a look at how far protest can go to affect change in today’s society
Scarlett Whittell discusses appropriate Halloween attire and asks since when was the holiday an excuse to get slutty?
University goes ape as court issues freedom of information order
Do you know if your favourite skincare products are animal-tested or not? Give you skincare routine a changeover with these cruelty-free brands.
Veganism has been around for a while but it is much more than just a plant based diet
The Unit features thousands of mice, rats, and fish to help research in dementia, Alzheimer’s, and cancer among others
The latest beauty items to keep an eye out for…for all the wrong reasons
Is it okay that many of us don’t comprehend the costs of animal testing?
Want to be certain that your make-up choices are kind to animals? Bailey Petts makes sure you know
Rebecca Thomas details the brands who are working hard to manufacture cruelty-free beauty products, with a fine example of lipstick to motivate you during the day!
Jessica Cusack on the economics of it all.
More than just a niche beauty brand, Lush is proof that beauty has a conscience
Newcastle University is forced to reveal details of controversial animal experiments that they have conducted
PFAS – what are they, what are they used for, and are they dangerous to us?
A 20-minute drive home from the Cheltenham Festival races may seem like a dream for many Manchester students, but you will never see me present at my hometown’s annual event