Art on the Sly presents The Black Market
The event is a chance for everyday students to get into the world of art collecting
In conversation with ‘Art on the Sly’
Bella Jewell meets with three members of the team behind ‘Art on the Sly’: a group of students who are seeking to make art accessible to all
Review: Alan Partridge Live – Stratagem
Film Editor Benjy Klauber-Griffiths reviews Stratagem with Alan Patridge at AO Arena
Irish Politics, not for the Feint hearted: Sinn Fein to lead Stormont for the first time in 100 years
Does Sinn Fein’s recent electoral victory secure the possibility of reunification for Ireland?
The Snuts are leading the revolution to “Burn the Empire”, starting in Manchester Academy
Serena Jemmet follows up her single review and interview with a review of The Snuts’ sold-out Manchester Academy gig!
Live review: Partying with Thundercat at Manchester Academy 
Alex Cooper reviews Thundercat’s unmissable set at Manchester Academy on his long anticipated ‘It Is What It Is’ tour.
Derek Jarman: PROTEST! Art and Activism collide at Manchester Art Gallery
Sarah Taylor reviews Manchester Art Gallery’s retrospective exhibition on the life and works of prolific filmmaker, artist, and activist Derek Jarman.
Forgotten footballers: The heartache of being released from an academy
Beyond the celebration of young talent in football are hundreds of hopefuls. Investing in the Premier League dream, left them with nothing.
Agony Aunt Angela: Pungent partners
“I physically gag from the body odour. I’ve tried all the air fresheners and reed diffusers possible and nothing is working!”
Scream: Bold, Bloody, and Meticulously Meta
Theatre Editor Jay Darcy reviews the latest film in the Scream franchise, while also delving into the franchise’s history
Dune Part 1 – A visual marvel that delivers on its promises and improves upon Villeneuve’s previous work
Denis Villeneuve’s Dune is a faithful and convincing adaptation of Frank Herbert’s novel and an excellent piece of sci-fi, delivering where other blockbusters fail
Opinion: Capitalising off catastrophe: the dark truth about Travis Scott’s partnership with BetterHelp
Travis Scott is allegedly profiting from the Astroworld tragedy by partnering with the flagrantly corrupt online therapy platform, BetterHelp
‘Reports of drink spiking will be taken seriously’: UoM and GMP respond to the recent focus on spiking
With a recent increase in drink spiking incidents, the Mancunion asked GMP and UoM for their responses on student safety
Turner Prize praises collectives using art for social change
Sam Burt finds out why individual artists are off this year’s Turner Prize menu
The enduring West Art Collective venture into Eden with Inner City Recording
What does Manchester’s West Collective see in the dilapidated, iconic Antwerp Mansion? Annie Dabb and Georgina Davidson find out
Annie Dabb: Whitty Repartee
Annie Dabb questions what exactly an Oxford education has done for Chris Whitty and makes some suggestions for the government’s Coronavirus measures
The Future is Female: Female artists to get to know this year
Here are our recommendations for female artists to keep an eye out for in 2021
Homemade nail art: Trendy designs you can recreate yourself
Bored of your nails? Here are some simple nail art ideas that you can re-create at home
Behind the cover: the art of album cover art
We ask our contributors: what album cover art has stuck with you over time?
Getting down to the art of it
Annie Dabb catches up with student artists about the social and professional challenges they face

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