On Brexit’s third birthday, we consider the UK’s first steps outside the EU and ask why we’re putting up with less than we had before
Love or loathe Brexit, it will have a far-reaching impact on society. Archie Earle sets out his thoughts
Yes, Brexit is still happening. Jess Culnane explains what has happened to Boris Johnson’s oven-ready deal
Deal or no deal? The Mancunion examines what is going on with Brexit, and how Britain could be affected if we leave the UK without a deal.
Disputes over the transition period threaten Britain’s future in Erasmus+ and Horizon, a former EU commissioner warns
Will Stonier reviews Jonathan Coe’s Brexit novel, Middle England
The Mancunion talks to UoM students as the UK exits the European Union
Important arguments in the ongoing post-election culture war are becoming overshadowed by celebratory Brexit merchandise, argues George Walker
A survey by Dig In has shown that university students are not happy about the UK’s imminent future
Writer Sam James tuned in to Radio 4 to witness the return of Little Britiain as Little Brexit, an underpolished comedy for our time
Is Cold War Steve the artist we need in these times of political uncertainty?
EU students came together to attend a series of short talks given by experts in a wide range of subjects, all of which could be affected by Brexit
Conservative party leaders pledged a cash injection into the NHS and life sciences industry at the Tory party conference in Manchester
George Walker argues Corbyn’s new Brexit policy is the only way to unite the country.
A guide on how to apply for settled status in the UK as an EU student
Oliver Storey suggests that the demoncracy of the country rests on us having another opportunity to vote for or against Brexit.
Erasmus programmes are in jeopardy over loss of funding
Greater Manchester MPs once again re-affirm their opposition to a No Deal, as an extension to Article 50 appears an increasingly attractive prospect
Brexit is plagued with uncertainty, and the faster we’re moving towards it, the less we know about the UK’s position as a science powerhouse
The fund is designed to reduce the short-term impacts of Brexit on struggling communities, although some argue it does not address wider issues

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