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Manchester University comes away with two medals in a very successful event for the club.
With a busy weekend at BUCS in Sheffield, the Karate team had success
We explore The University of Manchester Swimming Club and its commitment to character.
University of Manchester returns triumphant from 6,000-strong student games
With success not only being on the court, but in a rapid growth of members, UoM’s Tennis Club seems to be unstoppable in their trajectory to success. But, how do they do it?
Get involved with this unique yet dynamic sport that caters to all abilities and interests.
Practising mixed martial arts is both a humbling and empowering experience as you will face your limitations but be presented with the opportunity to push yourself to overcome them. If you’re a student, now is the perfect time to enrich yourself in such a way by joining the UoM MMA society.
“We’re confident for the semester ahead” says Swim Team President after UoM’s swim team makes an undefeated splash so far this year
I attended the Yonsei v KU derby in Seoul, along with 50,000 other fans. It couldn’t have been more different from BUCS.
A look ahead at Sunday’s American Football Manchester Derby!
The University of Manchester Swimming team travelled to Sheffield to compete in their first post-COVID gala
With BUCS games cancelled, we’ve had to find a new way to rank the AU sports teams – but who will be declared the most social?
Kate MacLachlan talks to UoM’s Table Tennis Club about female representation and diversity in the sport
Uni sport on Wednesday afternoons is back and has already produced some cracking matches
Mancunion contributor, Kate MacLachlan, speaks to Run Wild member, Wilbur Chen, who recently won the Young Volunteer Award North West for his work with the society
The initiation ceremonies, which are banned by the University, are known for their extreme activities
The 2019/20 sporting year at Manchester is set to be a big one, with tonnes of teams across many different sports playing all over the country
Some students sleep away Wednesday afternoon, others spend it on the field – Harry Deacon reviews Manchester’s position in the BUCS league