Fancy eating your t-shirt or drinking syrup?
Reclaiming Indian food from the white gaze is vital to eradicate the risk of erasing Indian culture. Without it, the West continues to profit off its super foods and plant-based recipes rooted in Indian heritage.
We look into rising botox trends that move beyond the face into the strangest places imaginable, like feet and bladders! Read about the doctors who perform these treatments and the reasons people are getting.
With celebrities pressured to have an unrealistic physical aesthetic, is it surprising that having personal trainers, nutritionists, and dieticians to lose weight simply isn’t enough?
The Great Northern Pie Co. pies livened up our otherwise cold and quiet Thursday evening
Adding calories to menus is more likely to exacerbate disordered eating rather than solve the UK obesity crisis
The damaging effect of diet culture on our society and how it exacerbates the conditions of already oppressed groups.
Insects: creepy, crawly and packed full of protein!
Anna van der Zwaluw explores the surprising truth on what dinosaurs actually looked liked.
Soy Boys, steaks and sausage rolls – Pippa Dennis takes us through gendered stereotypes around food, eating and diets
Unattainable beauty standards are everywhere, but social media is changing exponentially increasing these pressures
Hero Training Club are offering every reader a free class, so why not give it a go? – asks Sam Bronheim
Students said they had been both physically and verbally targeted as a result of the infection
Vegan diets are becoming more popular for sports stars, but is it improving their fitness and performances?
Body positivity has had a massive boost from social media and big brands, but is there another way?
Edward O’Shea hosts a TEDextra talk at The University of Manchester discussing how genetically manipulated plants may be the answer to tackling climate change
Features Editor, Felix Hanif-Banks puts genetic analysis service DNAFit under the microscope
Are protein shakes necessary, or can you get enough protein from a balanced diet? And, importantly, are there any adverse effects?
The University has recently been funded to solve the issue of plastic consumption and the prevalence of micro-plastics in urban environments.

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