Monday’s Fresher’s event was cancelled due to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral, angering some students and forcing events to be rescheduled.
Breaking News: The Manchester Young Conservatives’ flag has reportedly been stolen and graffitied at this afternoon’s Sports and Societies Fair
The pro-life charity’s complaint to Office for Students over freshers’ fair refusals has been dropped
The pro-life charity, Life, have lodged an official complaint with the Office for Students, after the University of Manchester Students’ Union said the fair was “not the right platform” for the charity
An alternative, unofficial Sports Society Freshers Fair has taken place in the Armitage Centre following the Oxford Road flooding that has caused severe disruption across Manchester.
This year’s sports and societies fairs were meant to be the most accessible yet, but instead students were left feeling dehumanised as the rearranged fair abandoned all accessibility measures
Here are 11 online events to help connect you to the University of Manchester, wherever you are
Many freshers have already bought tickets to events which falsely claim to be linked to the University
If you’re still wondering what to do this Freshers, we’ve got you covered
Second and third year students reminisce about their first week in Manchester
Every year students are being scammed, but what is anybody doing about it?
University of Manchester and the Freshers Fair have been shut down this morning due to a burst pipe on Oxford Road
The Mancunion have compiled a gift guide so you can ensure to find the perfect gift for any student personality
The plan for the vaccine passes has been cancelled in England but some places may continue using it to ensure safety of visitors and staff. This is a month after the department of education announced that they will not be using covid passes for students.
Prasham Sheth argues that face masks must be made compulsory
The Mancunion will have funding protected for three years as Senate also holds an indicative vote on calls to annul two results from this month’s Exec officer elections
We need to talk about initiations, says Ellie Martin.
Ellie Martin finds out how you can get involved with our favourite dog walking society
Liv Clarke recounts the different societies she’s tried throughout her degree, and encourages you to get involved with something new

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