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Engineering graduates in the UK can expect a salary of £45k on graduating
Study finds Russell Group graduates earn 40 per cent more than other university graduates, and male graduates earn 14 per cent more than female graduates
Gender, parental income, university, and subject choice have large impacts on earning power, IFS finds
There is a pay gap between state school and private school graduates who achieve the same degree in the same subject, and go into the same profession
A first-class graduate is putting the job hunt on the back burner to try his hand on the game show circuit, reports Solomon Radley
Students from lower socioeconomic backgrounds tend to attend universities less prestigious than their richer counterparts, even if they have achieved similar grades
Sweeping review of higher education funding branded a “superficial, and politically motivated retaliation” by students
The founder of popular consumer finance blog has written an open letter to the Prime Minister in the hopes that the decision will be reversed
New report says that £80 billion of unpaid debt may be an underestimate
Students can now compare details of every UK university course on new Unistats website
This first installment of the Student businesses to follow series which focuses on accessories brands.
The gender pay gap and equal pay are both important, but it’s also necessary to know the differences between these terms to understand the statistics
The report said that the creative arts, in particular, showed a low financial return for graduates
Sophie Marriott isn’t a fan of the proposed changes to tuition fees
Women who went to university earn 28% more than the average female non-graduate
A two-year degree plan has been promised to cut the cost of tuition fees
Nor are they “bastions of academic integrity”. The way we think about universities is outdated
Despite rumours that tuition frees were set to be cut at the Conservative Party conference, Theresa May instead announced a freeze
Universities Minister, Jo Johnson MP, and’s founder, Martin Lewis, criticise language used during student debt debates
Silo Funds is crowdfunding for higher education, hoping to more easily match students with like-minded companies and philanthropists who will be interested in funding their education