It is an unfortunate result of living under American cultural hegemony that we are treated to an awful lot of shit television. Much of it is drivel, both drama and comedy, yet it clogs up the schedule each day. While making perfect hangover viewing that acts as a kind of valium to dull your aching […]
Homesickness can slap us in the face at university… but maybe we should embrace missing home? 
Theatre Editor Jay Darcy sits down with Denis Coleman, ahead of him opening for Little Mix at AO Arena.
The report finds that all items included in the happiness index have fallen among young people and that only 13% of people have accessed services when needed
Writer Lauren Poole recalls ‘What’s in a Mind?’, a poetry and spoken word evening focusing on mental health
An investigation showed that UoM, among others, had mental health policies that could be challenging for people who are suffering
Oli Storey writes about his own experiences with mental health whilst at university, and the ways he has found to manage it
The largest ever mental health poll of universities has revealed that the levels of distress and illness among students in the UK is ‘alarmingly high’, constituting for an ‘urgent call to action’
Jasmine Taylor discusses how serious mental health disorders are still being demonised by the media and excluded from popular activist narratives.
A study published by the University reveals the high correlation between an unnatural death rate and being recently discharged from mental patient care
Sophie Marriott argues that the University of Bristol’s recently announced scheme to safeguard students who suffer from mental health problems exemplifies the apprehension to confront the issue of suicides on UK campuses.
Parkland might seem to have shaken the United States, but the gun debate will go on as insoluble as ever
The University of Manchester has partnered with the Synergi Collaborative Centre, whose research uncovers shocking difference in mental health care between white and BME people
The mental health support course is initiated as Andy Burnham tells The Mancunion “support often isn’t there for people in crisis moments”
UC Berkeley students are developing a website and mobile app to connect campus students experiencing mental health issues with other students who face similar experiences
Sanjana Gupta discusses ways to improve care for those with mental health issues
LSE faced questions as their Residential and Disability and Wellbeing Services were accused of ignoring the advice of NHS medical professionals and SU officers and of evicting a student with acute mental illness
As it is Mental Health Awareness Week, Books Editor Leonie Dunn picks the top 5 most iconic novels that focus and reflect on mental health
With major brands Tesco, Asda and The Sun mired in controversy over their treatment of mental health issues, Lauren Wills asks why mental health patients are still treated as an anomally in society today
The anniversary of Plath’s death is a chance to reflect again on the reciprocity of these two factions

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