Biologist Svante Pääbo won a 2022 Nobel Prize for his sequencing of the neanderthal genome – so why did is the category Physiology or Medicine?
Can ice-cream help with healthcare? Do sparks really fly when you’re on a good date? The Ig Nobels are back to answer life’s big questions
Two women bring home the Nobel Prize for Chemistry with the remarkable gene-editing tool CRISPR – yet this technology raises some of the most difficult ethical questions we face
Read more about the Nobel Prize winners and their fundamental discovery of the Hepatitis C virus
Experts in laser physics, cancer therapy and genetic manipulation of viruses have been rewarded for their respective discoveries in physics, medicine and physiology and chemistry
Wasim Askar celebrates the research of this year’s Ig Nobel award winners: human-cannibalism, fruit flies, road rage, rollercoasters, and voodoo dolls.
Jack Barton summarises the 2017 Nobel Prize awards in medicine, physics and chemistry announced last week
Roma Havers celebrates the news of the new Nobel Prize for Literature winner Bob Dylan, and considers the state of mind of the contemporary literary scene
Earlier this month, the prestigious Nobel Prize ceremonies began, with the prizes for Physics, Chemistry and Medicine and Physiology announced
Books editor Alister Pearson looks at this year’s Nobel Prize for Literature winner, Patrick Modiano, and how a man who is barely known outside his native country France managed to win the much revered prize
Four to receive Honorary Degrees as part of the University’s Foundation Day celebrations
The 2011 Nobel Prizes in Physics, Medicine and Chemistry respectively were announced in October, awarding the international researchers acclaim for their leading research.
Scientists at the School of Materials in Manchester have used single-particle reconstruction to help them identify and improve the structure of fuel cells.
Declan Seachoy explains why fifteen year old Malala Yousofzai is symbolic of a much bigger fight for universal education
The reception has been mixed, but this year’s winner typifies the award for all the wrong reasons
Former Manchester Ph.D. student Antonios Oikonomou has already won £50,000 through the Eli & Britt Harari competition to develop Eksagon
Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has emerged as the victor of the Notorious Belligerent (Nob) Prize.
When it comes to peace prizes, Vladimir Putin is hardly the first name that springs to mind
Aileen Loftus reads Klara and the Sun, the latest title by Nobel Prize winner Kazuo Ishiguro
Following Bob Dylan’s surprise Nobel Prize win, debate has focused on the worthiness of his lyricism. Is it time to reevaluate the literary value of songwriting, asks Gurnaik Johal

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