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The ongoing Pro-Palestine protest against the University heats up as Police are called in to move protestors, while the SU attempts to mediate the dispute
In a move inspired by Pro-Palestine protests on American University Campuses, Brunswick Park now has its own encampment
In what is their second occupation of a University building in the last month, Pro-Palestine groups have occupied the Roscoe Building to protest alleged University connections to Israel and its complicity in the conflict in Gaza
Manchester Leftist Action occupy Samuel Alexander building overnight and engage in National Student Walkout
November 4 marks the fourth consecutive weekend of demonstrations across Manchester
Protesters call for weekly protest over University graphene research
Pro-Palestine protesters in Manchester gathered in their thousands to march from Fallowfield to the city centre of Manchester
Allistair Hudson’s removal has caused backlash from UoM students over concerns of university interference in artistic and political debate
Urussa Malik reviews a new short story collection which explores what it means to be a woman in Palestine today.
‘Breaking the Occupation of the Mind’, overshadowed its rough edges with thought-provoking contributions
Following the publication of an Al Jazeera article questioning whether anti-Israel sentiment is being silenced at universities, student groups speak out
Three university societies: the University of Manchester Action Palestine society, BDS Campaign society and the Recognise Refugee Rights society will be hosting a day of solidarity with Palestine in the Students’ Union
University of Manchester’s Action Palestine are hosting a Palestinian cultural evening in aid of Interpal, a charity providing relief for Palestinians in need
London-based writer, critic and broadcaster Bidisha discusses her new book Beyond the Wall: Writing a Path Through Palestine
On 23 September Mahmoud Abbas, leader of the Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO) and head of the Palestinian Authority, officially submitted a bid to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon for Palestine to be recognised as a state and granted full membership of the United Nations. This bid has precisely a zero per cent chance of succeeding. […]
For all of President Obama’s idealistic rhetoric, it falls to our European leaders to take action over the Middle East peace process
Protesters and police gathered outside the building on May 27, but the occupation remains on-going
The motion, voted for by students in December 2023, passed with 89.6% of students voting in favour and would have resulted in the Students’ Union adopting BDS policy
The vandalism occurred in the early hours of May 13 morning and is being investigated by Greater Manchester police, according to a University statement
Swiss-Tamil artist Priya Ragu brought her powerful grooves to Night and Day, inspiring more than just music out of its audience