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45% of male students believe they can name the nonexistent ‘nubis’ on a female anatomy diagram
Fashion Writer Maisie Scott argues that fashion is key to the identity formation and the trauma experienced by the characters in the popular Netflix show, Sex Education
Netflix’s Sex Education has received high praise for it’s ability to break down taboo topics around sex, and other issues
Megan Oyinka discusses the nuanced and honest portrayal of parent-child relationships in Netflix’s groundbreaking series “Sex Education”
Educational and embracing – two words that describe Netflilx’s 8-episode series, Sex Education, which pleases not only young demographics, but also the LGBT community.
Students were asked about their sex education, contraception, and protection, with many suggesting sex education was too heteronormative and uninformative
Campaigners call on government to reform sex education, claiming current system leaves many unprepared
The NUS has found that young people are inadequately informed about sex and calls for a government commitment to SRE lessons
Izzy Rooke-Ley shines a light on the Instagram account, which challenges traditional assumptions on sex education
Pressure is mounting on MPs to make Sex and Relationships Education and PSHE compulsory after the release of a damning report by the British Humanist Association
Imagine not being able to have sex in your house. It might become the reality under a ‘no-sex tenancy clause’
It’s time to accept that the squeamish taboo around talking about STIs is having serious implications for our health and wellbeing.
A spotlight on the North West’s #1 Fetish Club, a historically significant and essential space for people of all genders and sexualities to meet safely and explore their fantasies together
In the latest edition of ‘Behind the Camera’, The Mancunion talks to Rufai Ajala about intimacy coordination and their valuable time in the film industry
What better way to celebrate Women’s History Month than by discovering the severe structural sexism of the UK healthcare system?
Deputy books editor Ava Innes looks at the state of porn today, discussing the ideas of Amia Srinivasan in her new book ‘The Right to Sex’
Campaign group Resist Rape culture have conducted a report into sexual violence on campus from May to July 2021
Scotland become the world’s first country to make LGBTQ+ education a mandatory part of its curriculum
Ellie Martin sits down with Sexpression to discuss the need for LGBTQ+ specific sex education on campus.
Investigations have revealed that 300 NDAs have been signed by students across 45 UK universities