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The University of Manchester reveals historical links to enslavement in their latest report
Alexander Candlin argues that slavery reparation payments to compensate for the actions of those in the 18th century are no way for us to learn from the past
The call comes after Glasgow University revealed it had been given up to £198 million in today’s money in donations from people who profited from the slave trade.
Ruth Squires speaks to the UoM students who stood for 24 hours as a protest against modern day slavery
Florrie Badley reflects on the role of artists, archives and curators in the act of remembrance
Lower prosperity, lower educational attainment and higher suspicion. The legacy of slavery is still very much with us in our society today, writes Kyle Huggins
Ngũgĩ wa Thiong’o discusses his life works, decolonisation through literature and normalised abnormalities in his talk at the university of Manchester
Influencer Matilda Djerf’s brand Djerf Avenue has recently come under fire for targeting creators making content about dupes of her products
Chevalier, released in the UK in June 2023, strives to ascend to the heights of the greatest period dramas but falls short of that lofty ambition
Blues hero Eric Bibb returns to Manchester, performing a career-spanning set at The Stoller Hall.
The King and I is a sumptuous delight and daringly sociopolitical
Cat on a Hot Tin Roof is a frustrating theatre-going experience which takes big swings but, more often than not, misses its mark
Maju Muchon, a first-year psychology student at UoM, tells the Mancunion about the crises of poverty and democracy in Brazil, as well as how Brazilian students in Manchester are struggling with the cost of living.
In ‘Rethinking the Grand Tour’, Manchester Art Gallery tries to decolonise its pieces. After visiting, we explore whether it’s really made an impact
In celebration of International Women’s Day, the Lifestyle Team are spotlighting some of our favourite women and female-focused societies on campus.
French students walked out of a lecture on February 13 in protest of alleged racism by individuals, and a flawed curriculum
Sylvia, a hip-hop musical which casts Black actors as the Suffragettes, is having its world premiere at the Old Vic
Noughts & Crosses, the stage adaptation of Malorie Blackman’s novel of the same name, is visiting The Lowry as part of its second UK tour
Protests have taken off around the world following the latest Afghan bombing against the Hazara. But who are the Hazara, and what’s at stake in Afghanistan?
Ben and Jerry’s and Tony Chocolonely join forces in the fight against poverty and modern slavery in the chocolate industry