The Mancunion take a deep dive into the new Snuts single and their iconic individuality! Well worth a read!
Alienor Bombarde explores the Richard Prince controversy and what it reveals about privacy in our time
Unattainable beauty standards are everywhere, but social media is changing exponentially increasing these pressures
Lilly Rosenberg reflects on her year with no social media and explains why she no longer feels guilty about her scrolling habits
Writer Hanya Hesham writes about how important social media has been to stay in contact with family whilst at university
Ellie Martin talks about how reading really can help you ditch the phone
Becca Knight examines the role of social media in university life and how dependant on it we have become. But what are the negative effects if we use it excessively? Should we switch off in order to enjoy reality?
New research provides a new perspective on the effect of social media usage on mental health
Are social media influencers exploiting the authenticity of their platform for profit?
The media seems to express increasing concern over the dangers of social media on mental health, but we’re focusing on the wrong thing
The combination of constant encounter with (often shallow) political views on social media platforms and recurring political shocks is shaping the politics of the younger generation
Women are shamed on social media sites following their decision to publicly protest for women’s rights
Think about putting your phone down this Christmas and taking a break from social media — we promise it will make your festive season so much better
To commemorate this week’s Internet-themed issue, we compiled a shortlist of our favourite bloggers in the business and recommend why you should check out them out too
Jennifer Connell was subjected to public shaming online for suing her 12-year-old nephew. But did she deserve the abuse that she suffered?
Now we’ve left our teenage years, is it time to stop fretting about how many Facebook likes we have? Charlotte Wheatcroft thinks so
David Brierley and Samuel Gilmore respond to the pressing question about the imposing effects of social media; is it, or is it not beneficial?
Arun Mehta explains why he is anti-EDL, but won’t be participating in the counter march this month
The Social Club bring their passionate Britpop influence and innovation to The Lions Den
Why is it we still see some women as just too beautiful to be cheated on?

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