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Male-female segregation may be acceptable at university events, says report
Cap on fees is ‘not sustainable’ according to University of Surrey vice-chancellor
Overseas Student numbers have increased nationally, for a second year running, despite pressures from policy decisions and national events
Investigations have revealed that 300 NDAs have been signed by students across 45 UK universities
The Higher Education Statistics Agency reported a 10 per cent rise in the number of international students
Divestment has often followed successful campaigns from groups such as People and Planet and Fossil Free, but the University of Manchester is yet to commit
The figures suggest a growth in the number of students paying others to write their essays
The Foreign Affairs Committee criticised the government for not addressing clear signs of Chinese interference, that has gone largely unchecked
The strikes, which are expected to start in late November, follow extended industrial action in 2018
The lowering of tuition fees could lead to some UK universities closing in a ‘worst case scenario’ situation if alternative funding is not provided
Universities UK found that 70% of people agree that the UK has some of the best universities in the world
The call comes after Glasgow University revealed it had been given up to £198 million in today’s money in donations from people who profited from the slave trade.
The majority of universities in the UK do not explicitly state that being the victim of a sexual assault is an extenuating circumstance for exams
A Guardian investigation has revealed a serious problem with staff-on-student and staff-on-staff sexual harassment at UK universities
Government announces pledge to fund research into robotics at UK universities, including the University of Manchester, as part of their Digital Strategy
UK universities plummet in global rankings post-Brexit while concerns are raised for community cohesion
The University of Dundee has been named the Best Young University in the UK in the recently released global ranking in The Times.
Student newspapers from across the United Kingdom have launched an investigation into racism on campus
Last week, officials met to finalise a deal creating academic links between UK universities and their Egyptian counterparts currently operating under internationally-condemned authoritarian rule
Ten UK institutions have divested funds from fossil fuel companies ahead of UN climate talks. The move has been praised by other members of the divestment movement