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The University of Manchester Rent Strike took to the streets, marching down Oxford Road continuing to fight for their demands
The University of Manchester Rent Strike claims to have withheld half a million pounds in rent, and have threatened to escalate the strike further
They described the University and SU agreement as ‘patronising and insulting’ and are calling for further discussion
Breaking News – Student action group UoM Rent Strike have begun an occupation of Owens Park Tower in protest of the uni response to the pandemic
Rent Strike demonstration is shortened by heavy rain, with a low turnout causing its early end
The University has confirmed students who’s final degree classifications have been delayed by the UCU Marking and Assessment Boycott will receive £500 as compensation
The 1968’s student protest has a history to be learnt from. However, rent strikers and the university have failed to appreciate those lessons
The University of Manchester rent strike rumbles on as tensions between UoM Rent Strike and university bosses continue to simmer
UoM Rent Strike predict up to 350 students are engaging in organised action, whilst the University ‘anecdotally’ advise only 44 student have contact with Credit Control
There’s a lot going on with the rent strike, and their ongoing occupations. Find out exactly what’s happened, and when
Amid the largest-ever university staff strikes, it’s possible for students to demand compensation, and support their lecturers in doing so
On February 14th UCU strikes continued for the third week in a row. Here’s a rundown of everything that happened this week
We speak to Brian Cox and Jeff Forshaw about their new book, university strikes, and why everyone should care about black holes.
The second day of the UCU strikes sees a bleaker presence on picket lines. However, people striking stay optimistic and rejoice the support that they are getting outside their union.
Hot strike summer continues into the winter, with countless groups fighting for workers rights, refusing to be treated as a commodity
The UoM UCU strikes will be starting today over pay and working conditions following strikes that took place last term
BREAKING NEWS: Students from the activist group ‘UCU Solidarity’ have occupied the Samuel Alexander building at the University of Manchester
Everything you need to know ahead of the UCU strikes this week
What has happened at the UCU ballots and what does it mean for strikes at UOM
After a year of rent strikes, fences, and accusations of racial profiling, UoM dropped out of the top 20 rankings