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Ceri Wills

Former Societies editor (2011-2012).

On Friday 24th February, students and citizens of Manchester will sleep on the cold stone steps of the Students’ Union. We will be sleeping there not for enjoyment of the North West winter, but to make public the destitution of asylum seekers in the UK, experienced by thousands. Annually, the vast majority of applications for […]

A student from Manchester University is putting his best foot forward in one of the region’s biggest racing events to help communities devastated by war. 25 year old PhD student, Finn Box,  is taking part in the Great Manchester Run to raise funds for City Centre-based Nobel Peace Prize-winning charity, MAG (Mines Advisory Group), whose […]

PieBoy Clothing are back again helping change Uni Clothing for the better. With the launch of a new line of various t-shirts, sweat pants and with a varsity jacket in the pipelines the future promises to be very exciting for PieBoy as its current range is extending significantly. With the recent Shell LiveWire Big Idea […]

It was that special time of year again for the romantics within, with poetry, flowers and chocolates in full flow! Best of all, Pieboy Clothing with the help of Manchester Entrepreneurs and other friends were up to their mischievous habits once again. Along with their trusted ally in Cupid, PieBoy were on a mission to […]