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Photo: Polyphony

Students in The University of Manchester’s English Literature, American Studies and Creative Writing department have created a new academic journal, called Polyphony. Founded by third-year-student Hana Jafar with the aim to spread “creative, innovative, and high quality writing” by other undergraduate students, Polyphony will “provide […] readers with an accessible resource to enrich their experience […]

Photo: Ernest Hemingway at the Finca Vigia, Cuba @ Wikimedia Commons

Books Editor, Gurnaik Johal, discusses the misogyny at the heart of the work of critically acclaimed writers like Hemingway, Nabokov and Naipaul.

Photo: Afghanistan 18 by davric @ Wikimedia Commons

John Wray’s Godsend works best on a big picture level, and because of that, doesn’t fall flat like most American fiction about the ‘War on Terror’

Photo: Gurnaik Johal

Books editor Gurnaik Johal reviews Sjón’s latest work, Codex 1962, a sprawling work that catalogues every person born in Iceland from 1962 who has died since