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Rapper Serengeti has been working on fictional character Kenny Dennis for over 12 years. His newest record was released alongside a screenplay and finally closes off this hip hop Odyssey.

Photo: GoGoAackman @ Wikipedia Commons

Caroline Rose in snowballing into fame after her spectacular 2018 album, but her main concern is still having a good time

Live Review: Nao

Saturn is Nao’s newest album and is her most coherent and impressive work yet. Her show at the Albert Hall fills the venue wall to wall with joy as she sails through it, showcasing her new work.

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Live Review: Kojaque

Kevin Smith AKA Kojaque is a self-proclaimed soft-boy who brings tales of the Irish working-class underbelly to the YES basement

Photo: Jack Burnett

Radio One icon Annie Mac curated a packed out all-nighter for The Warehouse Project, and her 12th time there since 2006 proves why they always invite her back